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Opinião culposa, quando não há a intenção de opinar

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official trailer
let’s jam

Eu dormi no cinema e perdi uns 20min de Dune

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Stocks are worth $100

Print a lot of money, stocks are now worth $200

Tax the unrealized gain of $100

Rinse, repeat

Eu acho que esse culto a Zendaya um hoax moderno do twitter. Não é possível, não têm absolutamente nenhum fundamento objetivo

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Human rights advocacy group @amnesty International will close its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong by the end of the year due to constraints on its operations from the National Security Law 🇨🇳

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If you are going to get a dog, get a useful one...

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This is Luna. In her defense, that is her bed. 14/10 she did nothing wrong

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my linter failing my pull request after I forget to lint for the 1000th time

O Asuma foi mais desprevenido mas o Jiraya mais traumático
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Which death broke you. It was Neji’s for me

Imagina o gênio do marketing que decidiu associar uma coisa insalubre, cheia de ratos e fedorenta como o Subway com um restaurante de sanduíches

We all just want some purple greens and blue yellows
Fireworks will make it come

Obrigado FED por fazer o mínimo absoluto
BREAKING: Fed to ban policymakers from owning individual stocks, restrict trading following controversy

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"YOU ARE LEAVING THE AMERICAN SECTOR..." - Die Replik des berühmten Schildes am ist fast 30 Jahre nach dem Fall der Mauer heute leider dem Sturmtief zum Opfer gefallen. Unsere Kollegen der Feuerwache sicherten die verbliebenen Bruchstücke.

Sekai Saika no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru

É bem legal

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