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We're excited to announce our acquisition of @[email protected], who share our vision of building simple and intuitive multi-modal transport products 🙌🙌🙌 read all about it via @[email protected]

Hollywood loves rehashing the same shit because it´s easy to make money.
They don´t have enough creativity or diversity themselves to actually create new characters from diverse backgrounds.

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**More Hong Kong companies say business impacted by mass protests**

"Conglomerate Swire Pacific became the latest major Hong Kong company to voice concern about the impact of protests in the city on business activity, saying they are having direct and indirect impact on demand on a numb…"

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It's interesting how the graffiti swastikas phenomenon boom before the elections and die off after it.

Every election...

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Wine production in France this year will be down by between six and 13 percent over 2018, notably because of the on…
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**Spain's Podemos rejects Socialist plan to govern solo**

"Spain's Unidas Podemos said on Thursday its supporters had voted to only allow the investiture of Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez as premier if their far-left party is made part of his future cabinet, increasing the risk of a repeat election. "

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Tab camp is going to start with Ad Hominem.

Oh you program with spaces? Fascist!

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Local Nevada Company Says It Will Livestream Planned Area 51 Raid In September
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**Brazil vice president says country is staying in Paris climate accord**

"Brazil's Vice President Hamilton Mourao said on Monday he considers it "impossible" for Brazil to leave the Paris Agreement on climate change. "

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