Bought JOY DIVISION's limited edition EP. Silver-colored "LOVE WILL TEAR US PART", 45 rpm.

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One Minute : MAYHEM on !!

Gina vs Trish. This is how we in .

Enjoy The Hostilities My Friends?

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Terminando 2021 e entrando em 2022 assim:

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Life is worth living for this kind of headline

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Save 40% or more on Clip Studio Paint in our Black Friday Sale until November 30, 8:00 AM UTC/GMT!

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Sinovac vaccine efficacy against ICU admission down to just 28% after 3-5 months.

Please get your booster jab when offered.

Mixing with a Pfizer vaccine booster is safe and effective and has been authorized by NPRA.

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bicha menor condição... 150 ALHOS EM UM MACARRÃO

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The WTA says it may pull out of China over the disappearance of tennis star Peng Shuai. She has been missing since Nov. 2, when she accused a government official of sexual assault.

Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and others have raised concern with the hashtag .

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