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And a year after COVID, I'm still on the fence about learning to make sourdough 

> "Newton was an undergraduate at Cambridge University when an outbreak of plague forced him to spend a year in idleness... He occupied himself by inventing the differential and integral calculus, making fundamental discoveries on the nature of light and laying the foundation for the theory of universal gravitation."
(Carl Sagan, Cosmos)

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I do this thing where I listen to the soundtrack of movies I’ve recently watched just so I can let the feeling of the movie linger a little while longer. I don’t recall how this became a thing for me, but I’m enjoying it. I think it started with the old Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns I watched last fall 😂

Happy Friday, . Hope it’s a great one 💪🏽

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Plus 17 degrees Celsius. What a fine Sunday so far.

Trying out on iOS to see how this open-source ad blocker works. So far, so good as I’ve been able to add rules to filter away FB and IG. Has anyone else tried this app out?

On this chilly, windy morning, I feel the mood is right for some Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” 🎶

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1990s: Hey. You know computers right? Can you help me <whatever> Windows?

2020s: Hey. You know computers right? Can you help me <whatever> cryptocurrencies?

Another Friday off tomorrow, so this is the start of my weekend. Going to enjoy some tunes and catch a classic flic tonight, I think.

It felt great to get this fixed up yesterday. Went through many cycles of uninstalling and rebuilding each package at a time until it finally worked.

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Having a heck of a time getting to build on these last few days. Seems to be complaining about dependencies and not sure if there’s anything to be done other than to wait it out. Hoping I can update from the soon...

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Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice afternoon walk on the first day of spring. Getting that fresh air was we all needed.

Good day, all. It's a beautiful spring Sunday today. Time to remember to notice the good things ☀️

I’m on an online training course right now that’s inadvertently become a master class in how not to conduct online training

Tried out the app from the AUR and there's no good way to log in as a guest for my kids' meetings. I'm just going to use chromium browser and connect in that way.

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'Morning and good day, .

Looks like I'll need to get working on my laptop. The kids' school has set up virtual teacher conferences this way.

Has anyone have any issues getting going on ?

Spending a nice Saturday listening to some music and enjoying a coffee before the kids wake up. Tonight’s pizza night and everyone was already looking forward to it last night 😆

I rewatched the Coppola/Hackman “The Conversation” today on my day off. The technology has certainly changed since then, but the film’s themes of privacy and surveillance are very much still topical today. Great little film from back in the day.

Good morning and good day, all. Hope it’s a great one. Time for some ☕️

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