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Time for 1982’s . I just finished the Philip K Dick book the other day and wanted to watch this soon after. Here we go.

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It’s funny. I find that the less time I spend on the bird site, the better I generally feel. Amazing how that works.

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You know that when these title cards come up on screen, you’re in for a good old fashioned , and most certainly something else to whistle to for the next few days.

A busy work day today but that’s alright — it makes the day go by quicker. I’m enjoying the new work today too, so that’s a plus.

It is a chilly, chilly morning over here today. I’m either going to put on a sweater or wear a fleece blanket all day long.

Good morning and good day, . Hope it’s another great one ☀️☕️

And done. Feels great. I won’t be sleeping for a little while yet, but that’s ok. 💪🏽

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Really trying to maintain an active streak and the day is winding down. Time to fit it a quick evening workout to keep it going. Crazy? Yes, completely. I’m going to do it anyway.

Excited to be adding some new music to the collection over the next few weeks.

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Happy Sunday, all. Hope it’s going great ☀️☕️

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We popped in for a quick visit to a local #bakery this afternoon to take some goodies home. Was a nice little excursion.

Shovelling snow needs to be considered an workout

Currently watching this and am probably going to finish it tonight when the kids are asleep.

It’s been an enjoyable watch so far, and I’m about half way in.

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The racism is institutional and the priviledge immense.

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The pain in the world can seem overwhelming at times. but people are finally waking up to the fact that small acts of kindness make a difference.

Shoveling your neighbors driveway may not seem like a lot, but when fox news tells him to hate you because he disagrees with you politically, it might make him think twice.

Pay for the person behind you in a drive through and let him see your Biden bumper sticker.

Stop letting people put you in boxes. Free your heart.

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Hello Fediverse. I've decided to start getting into shape once I've recovered from my knee surgery. I know there are hundreds of fitness planners out there but I'm hoping to use one that is open source and privacy friendly.

I want to use one to help me plan going from couch potato to something more than that.

Any recommendations? #askfediverse #askfosstodon

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Alright, Fediverse.

I am looking for a RSS Feed reader?

Aaaand, go!

I'm feeling the pull of so many different things vying for my attention right now. Need to remember to take things one at a time, without thinking about anything other that what it is that I'm currently doing. Maybe some exercise will help with that.

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French fries are Belgian
French vanilla is from Madagascar
The French press is Italian
Does France even exist? We may never know

Good day, fediverse. Hope it’s a great one ☀️

I think tonight’s (much later tonight) will be La Dolce Vita. I’ve had this one on my list for quite some time. It’s a bit over three hours long so this may be a multi-part view for me.

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Remember when The Avengers came out in 1998 & everyone was calling it a crappy movie? Turns out it was just ahead of its time.


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