Another great thing about over the bird site: Here, I don’t feel as though people are trying to sell me shit, whether it’s a product, a service, or an “image.” Here, people just seem more real.

Maybe it’s a result of a decentralized network of networks, or maybe it’s just because we don’t have the same number of users on this platform. I hope it’s the former, but either way it’s nice.

@rd it's a lot of things, I think one important one is that replies show up on the timeline- it's more like a big chat room.

@penny I think that definitely shapes the experience on here too, yes!

@rd That's one thing I've noticed on the bird site. Whenever a tweet goes viral the author always replies to their own tweet with a 'support my patreon/donate' message.

It's almost as if people are writing their tweets to be as popular as possible only to promote themselves ...

@rd yeah, no more spam from advertisers. They wont handle the fact the networks are spread. They could try to glue to the most popular instances though.

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