What are people’s thoughts on pen and paper journaling in a way that doesn’t generate a bunch of waste by discarding writing tool parts, but yet can still be done on the couch without fear of ink spills?

@freedcreative A pen like the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain has a retractable nib as though it were a ballpoint pen, and it will last you forever. It’s a bit pricey but I have to say that it is my favourite pen ever.

@rd These look pretty cool. How do you refill them?

@freedcreative The pen uses a refillable cartridge that I fill every month or so with a blunt-end syringe I picked up years ago. I picked up a number of different ink bottles that interested me, including some great ones from Japan and it’s almost therapeutic to use and refill.

@rd Oh cool, so you’re not dependent on proprietary mechanisms, that’s great.

@freedcreative That’s right. Just find an ink that you like, and have fun with it. I’ve been using one as my daily work pen for the past seven years.

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