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Some anti-Communist were out in force today. Had a read. Why is anyone surprised the lied and continues to do so?

How do I find to review? More importantly, how do I find those saints among mortals who do their thing ? I start here always. @libreture's list of cool people. The Dalai Lama reads books on this list. Not really, but he should.

A of the collection by Dean Tongue. Anyone called "tongue" has to be interesting, right? He is a great guy! Thanks to him, I got this for free. still sucks.

It's been a busy week that hasn't given me much time to write. Hopefully, in the next couple of days, I can put something new up.

I couldn't even think of a title for this one beyond what it had. Despite pretentious sounds, it is anything but.

Hello, , from Rebel Dharma Society (). Just a quick intro to what we are about. "We" as in the so-called royal "we" that the made famous.


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