Strong restriction of movement, commerce, open questioning, and increased surveillance took the world by storm. A deranged mentality commonly reserved for places where the most tyrannical hierarchies rule became ordinary worldwide. Instead of reading the novel 1984 as a warning, rulers are reading it as an instruction manual.

We can find solutions in the Satoshi Principles

@renan Wonderful post (and toot!); it's my new favorite. You make many great points; the radical potential of distributed systems must never be sacrificed for state or social acceptability. Our greatest task for the future is to ensure that our freedoms and livelihoods are never again threatened as they have been during these "lockdowns"; these ten principles must be a pillar of any such effort. You did a good job outlining that bold action to advance liberty is both possible and necessary.

@adamasnemesis Thank you very much for the encouraging words!
I hope this post can contribute to freedom in the coming years.

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