If Andreas is right and massive gains in are no longer possible, we can always use derivatives such as futures and options.
But only if exchanges are able to sidestep government regulation.

Besides that, there are other interesting topics in this talk.
Really like his biology analogy, need to think about it more.


Deribit is probably the best derivatives exchange at the moment.

They have massive growth potential if crypto traders realize how explosive options are, despite the learning curve.

The only disturbing issue is the coming regulations.

For the sake of I hope they relocate some place where freedom is more respected.

If not the Seychelles then somewhere else.

KYC/AML is the early stage of centralizing choke points that will smother crypto .


Fun podcast covering - economics, investing, jed-mckenna, money, spirituality, trading.

I'll make sure to check Jim's twitter often.

"People Think They Are Thinking When They Are Merely Rearranging Their Prejudices"

"Society is filled with things to misdirect you, to let you avoid, to distract you, to focus all of you energy on trivial and unimportant shit"


"...we do foresee regulators becoming more desperate in their attempts to contain the spread of bitcoin and we refuse to be the victims of desperate actions.”

We need more of that attitude in the crypto world!


Excellent article that stands on the shoulders of Nassim Taleb and Benoit Mandelbrot, by Nathan Black.
Every crypto trader should read it.


Market success is a matter of finding the methodology that is right for you—and it will be different for everyone—not a matter of finding the one true methodology.

- Jack D. Schwager

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There is no single market secret to discover, no single correct way to trade the markets. Those seeking the one true answer to the markets haven’t even gotten as far as asking the right question, let alone getting the right answer.


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