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Account is locked, so I can manually check if you are human or spambots.

This also acts as a protection for my followes-toots.

That being said, I generally approve everyone unless you are "Spam spam spam spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!".

License between you and... God? Earth?

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By being alive you consent to the EULA
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Foundit, but ouch, GitLab.

I'm not interested in creating yet another account in a new GitLab instance (and I personally dislike GitLab) so my pain point is that whenever refreshes, it ignores my language choice from the navbar and reset to the browser default language. Meh.

If someone who can fix it sees it, it might get fixed, or not. I don't care that much.

Random Q: where should I report the bugs? :-p

Is there any email client for iOS that let me select a folder to get a notification on, rather than a 'smart AI' that does the stuff for me?

Just realized AppStore version of Toot! is live now

And just in case: ditch Google Chrome is not an option for me/

Quick Google Chrome 69 question: is it possible to remove the circle part in completely? (chrome://flags#account-consistency is not sufficient)

I heard BTS talked at UN General Assembly. Meh.

Hi BTS' agency, stop violating Wikipedia's terms of use (you are not permitted to make contributions without disclosing your paid status) and stop using Wikipedia for your promotion area. Thank you (not really), and I hope I never see you again at Wikipedia.

Seriously, I don't make use of @ or # and constantly getting @ or # when I expect (return) is a plain garbage or plain bullshit or otherwise fucked up.

Oh wait, I can draft at amaroq and just copypaste it on Toot!. Problem solved.

I need 'return'. Period. No @, no #, none of them I need.

I was tired of toot!'s forced @ # keyboard (which is mere bullshit for me) so I had to revert to Amaroq, which has its own flaw.

When logged in to Google: 0.9
Logged out: 0.3

Such huh

Chinese Communists, say hi to Google.

From my experiences chainblocks were being used to incite hates, not that 'protection' LOL.

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