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Account is locked so that I can manually check if you are human or spambots.

This also acts as a protection for my follower-toots.

That being said, I generally approve everyone as long as you are not "Spam spam spam spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!" type profile and have few human-like toots.

Mildly violent 

Just realized Chrome v78 removes the ability to disable 'Omnibox hides trivial domain' and 'Omnibox hide HTTPS part of URL' feature on chrome://flags. Fuck you, google.

Facebook Container, are you sure...? I thought it was not supposed to block mere links :P

If it were mastodon I'd say 'just filter the language' but pleroma :-p

and, of course, i find the "ICE uses open source so don't contribute to open source" argument so tiring.

1. ICE does not directly use open source -- the products and services (including the "open core" projects people contribute to) ICE uses makes use of open source as part of their provision

2. ICE definitely directly uses Microsoft Windows. i know this because the passport control officer i last spoke to was using a computer that ran Microsoft Windows 10. they're quite recognizable. where's the outage about that?

i think people should focus their outrage about ICE on the politicians which created and enable ICE. those politicians exist in *both* of the mainstream parties by the way.

I believe Chinese and non-Chinese people pronounce it differently, because Chinese people tend to see pinyin-looking Roman words as Chinese words, i.e., hua as γ„γ„¨γ„š.

Quick survey: do you pronounce H in huawei? (I want to see if chinese and non-chinese pronounce it differently)

Hong Kong Has Weaponized the City’s Subway Against Protesters

(submitted by baylearn)

Is protonmail custom domain good enough to replace google gsuite? (I primarily interact with mailing lists, first and foremost)

Fuck Blizzard. Fuck China. Free Hong Kong.

I just realized I can't find 'Report' in Amaroq... really...?

Index of /ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/

Another recovery mode made it but not done till it's finally done... waiting for iCloud

Uh Apple.

Got my phone refurbished, software update, then it just keeps showing this Apple logo on and on. Recovery mode doesn't help. Probably time to invoke 90-days warranty for repaired device :-p

I hate a lot of things about my country but one thing I really like is (compared to my neighbors...) that I get to choose my own head of Government, head of State, and my representatives on my own.

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