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Account is locked, so I can manually check if you are human or spambots.

This also acts as a protection for my followes-toots.

That being said, I generally approve everyone unless you are "Spam spam spam spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!".

I'm assuming location tracking sort of things but that's my wild guess :-l

I have no idea why that Facebook wants my Bluetooth permissions for my iOS app?

I recall these stuff in early 2000s but in 2019 heh


Go now defaults to attempting to fetch code dependencies from a proxy operated by Google before getting it from source. This feels a bit weird. By default, you are basically leaking the names of your dependencies when you build code.
(via @juliobiason)

> NY cloud payroll provider MyPayrollHR abruptly closes up shop, diverts $35 million in payroll, tax payments to its own account. Employees at thousands of companies that used the service dinged for 1-2 payroll payments. Meanwhile, the CEO has vanished https://

(μ •μΉ˜) λ„μΏ„μ˜¬λ¦Όν”½ 욱일기 μ‚¬μš© κ΄€λ ¨ 기사 슀크랩 

I hate teachers/professors who demands me to 'have a discussions'.

1995: Computers are "anything machines". You can create music, write programs, do word processing, and network with anyone all over the world. And you can do them all simultaneously.

2019: In order to even think about using our web page you'll want to download the app onto your phone so we can track the living shit out of you and make sure you keep your full attention on US.

Random meh 2019: I'm not European, and I am not interested in seeing the 'cookie' blah blah every time I visit a website. I hope all the websites can properly force that cookie notice s*it to the Europeans who are forced to see it via the laws and regulations but not to the rest of the world.

Any suggestion for iPad notetaking apps? (Should have apple pencil support, no default memo app)

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