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Account is locked so that I can manually check if you are human or spambots.

This also acts as a protection for my follower-toots.

That being said, I generally approve everyone as long as you are not "Spam spam spam spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!" type profile and have few human-like toots.

Spent 3 days figuring out why my email host (which drops TLS1.0) is throwing an error...

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Time to say Goodbye to Google Photos.

any files in Google Photos will start counting to the 15GB Google account storage starting 2021-06-01.

US politics, KR politics 

So the event just few minutes ago reminded me of:

> I hate all American presidents

And F* no, I ain't turn off the cookie for my entire browser to resist your small website setting cookies. That should not count.

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Europeans injected that F*ing useless 'We use cookie. Accept it or leave the site' notices, so they get their fair share.


My big FUCK YOU to whoever (staring at Cloudflare) redirecting specific /en-us/ directive (and language settings in their web page) to force me to see whatever is set in Accept-Language: part.

Korean legislators: "If you want to publish an app @ Apple App store, you ** of course ** have to publish it on Google Play, and other appstores like $local_appstore_service"

When you have one Google account @ 'Google Chat' and that account get disabled, you are left in a werid state where you're 'disconnected' but not 'logged out'

I'm pretty used to the old skins, and since I have at least 30 userscripts I don't want to spend my time checking compatibility with the new stuff. I'm staying @ the old Vector for life.

One quote I like:

> You don't walk outside your door without wearing clothes and underwear. Or you randomly pull off your pants like you pull your mask off. Same business. Wear a mask. Always.

(I don't recall the source)

One thing I don't like Nextdns:

When I enable 'hardened privacy mode' they route me to HK. I wouldn't consider HK safe now…

Actually, since August, Seoul and Gyeonggi-do has 'mask required' order — yup, you need to cover your face with mask or you get fines.

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