Let's see how long it takes to finish...

Started about 6? 10? minutes ago

Facebook Container, are you sure...? I thought it was not supposed to block mere links :P

Another recovery mode made it but not done till it's finally done... waiting for iCloud

Uh Apple.

Got my phone refurbished, software update, then it just keeps showing this Apple logo on and on. Recovery mode doesn't help. Probably time to invoke 90-days warranty for repaired device :-p


Random speedtest.

1. Home wifi (5GHz)
2. Playing Youtube video with my Android phone and online MMORPG game running @ my Windows laptop. Two other mobile devices and RPi & RIPE Atlas node connected to the network.

And kinda waiting for Toot! to change their UI so I don't keep accidentally go to 'multitask-mode' while I try to change my account on my iPhone X. (That was part of reason I didn't convert my looooong-ago beta to the prod (and paid) versions that it kept going to home and it was god damn annoying.)

I have no idea why I thought Sweden's Riksdag was bicameral...

maybe PTSD 

I was tired of toot!'s forced @ # keyboard (which is mere bullshit for me) so I had to revert to Amaroq, which has its own flaw.

And WTF is wrong with the bridge.joinmastodon.org?

It is showing me Japanese texts, but my browser has "Accept-Language: ko-kr". ( @Mastodon )

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