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I have no idea why I thought Sweden's Riksdag was bicameral...

maybe PTSD 

Where you will regret everything you've done

I was tired of toot!'s forced @ # keyboard (which is mere bullshit for me) so I had to revert to Amaroq, which has its own flaw.

And WTF is wrong with the

It is showing me Japanese texts, but my browser has "Accept-Language: ko-kr". ( @Mastodon )

Passports in the country with RTL language (Arabic, Farsi) is in RTL, such wow...

(Firsy one is mine, next one is ... Iranian or Palestinian, I am not sure.)

Amaroq for finally working again (it crashed for a while for I dunno reason)

Sane weather, must walk around...

Well, it was yesterday... nope, friday pic, but anyway

22'C in 2:41 is what I missed for few weeks.

Canada is a fun country.

If you want to request your traveller entry/exit record, you must be a Canadian citizen, Canadian Permanent Resident, or otherwise currently in Canada.


Behind: Korean Won 10000 note
Front: South African Rand 10 note

My trip is over and I'm back to the oven, and I am now a <s>proud</s> owner of RIPE atlas probe.

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