Installed F-droid, found out there is no option to change app interface language (other than the OS language), removed.

I require it because the translation quality was SOOOOOOOOOOO poor. (And no, I am not interested in fixing the translation, there is WAY TOO MUCH to fix)

@angristan Emart (without 24) song is damn famous but emart**24** is bit confusing.

@quiddity 1 β€” no scrolling needed to see the contents (unlike docs.mastodon). :-D

Most annoying part of

The length of 'list of pages'. I had to take 9 screenshots to combine into this screenshot.

Is it Dynamic Currency Conversion? Seriously, what the fuck is going on @ nextDNS?

@quiddity I went with the Firefox Developer Edition (read: Beta) but I think I had that extension installed as part of Facebook Container... Thanks for the ~~reminder~~, I should have a look!

Election next week 

General election is coming soon (next Wed) even as we fight against COVID-19, and time to vote (absentee). D'oh.

I have no idea why people in the Europe and North America are crazy about buying toilet tissues?

My AWS S3 bucked for backups has 230 GB, not that much :O

Originally posted on my ~~evil~~facebook but probably should've been on my blog.

@angristan Every companies have their own way and I always start with K, R, and S to discover my country :blobcry:

@angristan If you want to stick to Official name that is "Republic of Korea", (or "Korea, Republic of" to alphabetize with Northern part), and if you want the commonly used name, just "South Korea". It looks quite weird to write both for me. (That being said, it's not that of a crazy idea to just use "South Korea (Republic of Korea)" unlike the current "Korea, Republic of South Korea")

@angristan Either "Korea, Republic of" or "South Korea", but not both. Up to your preferences. (Also applies to North Korea)

(I actually have a browser extension to automatically discover "South Korea", "Korea, South", "Republic of Korea", "Korea, Republic of")

@angristan not a question but something about Scaleway: /me cries at "Korea Republic of South Korea"

is it possible to merge two @matrix rooms? Can't find anything on the docs

Tried duckduckgo as iOS default search engine for few weeks; duckduckgo's backend engine just don't have enough data for Korean, and it is almost unusable (as in, nothing useful shows up).

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