I am looking for Papertrail alternative... I don't care if they are hosted or self-hosting.

I want to abandon Chrome (which is used for signin in on Work-related accounts), but I don't want to switch to Chromium-based browser, Firefox (already used for personal accounts), Safari (macOS specific).

I think I am lost here lol

Let's see how long it takes to finish...

Started about 6? 10? minutes ago


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Woo hoo

@angristan The worst I saw for 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 was -16 or -18'C

Mildly violent 

Just realized Chrome v78 removes the ability to disable 'Omnibox hides trivial domain' and 'Omnibox hide HTTPS part of URL' feature on chrome://flags. Fuck you, google.

Facebook Container, are you sure...? I thought it was not supposed to block mere links :P

@angristan Well it can't search fulltext on server when it can't read the encrypted texts... Do you pay for it? (I've been considering migrating my (one of) personal address to proton

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