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‼️ C'est la Semaine québécoise de l'informatique (SQiL) ! :blobcheer: Joignez-vous à nous lors de la Journée internationale du logiciel libre 2018 à Montréal pour en apprendre plus sur 👉 wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/20

Hugo (@hle), one of our developers💻 , has just published a report of his visit to Taiwan for ! If you're interested, it's about @ring 👉 blog.savoirfairelinux.com/en-c

Hugo (@hle) un de nos développeurs 💻 , vient de publier un compte-rendu de sa visite à Taïwan pour la ! Si ça vous intéresse, ça parle de @ring 👉 blog.savoirfairelinux.com/fr-c

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Hsinchu, Taïwan: Scooters everywhere. Break on a downtown bridge, on the way back from daytrip 🍥🌞

Missing Wished you visited 🇹🇼? Well, these pictures can help you at least feel the atmosphere 🙂 💭

I 💖 , want to contribute, but I'm not a engineer 😐 ! Don't worry, there are many ways to join community of contributors 🙂 Have you tried your skills? Here's the platform to voice your presence in the community 👉transifex.com/savoirfairelinux

J'💖 , j'aimerais contribuer, mais je ne connais pas l'informatique! 😐 Pas de soucis, il y a plusieurs manières de participer! 🙂 Avez-vous mis à profit vos habiletés en ? Voici la plateforme où vous pouvez exercer votre talent! 👉transifex.com/savoirfairelinux

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I will give a talk about , Monday (July 30) at ! debconf18.debconf.org/talks/83

Want to talk about Ring ? Interested in contributing ? Come over and let's share a cup of tea :-) 🍥 🍵

@returntrip No. Announced functions are present daemon side, but depend on the client.

@[email protected] No. It should takes just a few seconds (Just tried with my devices). You should see an error if the password is bad, and the account page if it's ok.

A good way to know what Ring is doing with more details is to open the daemon separately (see git.ring.cx/savoirfairelinux/r).

♨️"Live Free or Die": The New Release of is now available! is a truly free & universal platform available on /#Linux (@ubuntu, @debian, @fedora); @Android & ; ; , ( ) I you want to know more 👉ring.cx/en/news#live-free-or-d

♨️"Live Free or Die": La nouvelle version de est maintenant disponible! Ring, une plateforme de et universelle, est disponible sous /#Linux @ubuntu @debian @fedora @Android ( ) Pour en savoir plus! 👉ring.cx/fr/nouvelles#la-nouvel

- Indeed there is no synchronization between clients for now.
- There is a "link an account to this device" button in the uwp version
- Indeed, the dev of the windows clients is under a rush but will add this feature when he can.

If your contact is online and you can't send a message, indeed it's a bug. Which version?

Group chat is not yet implemented. But it's definitely a wanted feature.

What's your third point? Maybe it's related to bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?i depending your locale.

Feel free to submit bugs on git.ring.cx and thank you for your feedback.

@[email protected] Indeed this is a regression and has been fixed in the master branch (7712952a). So, this will be fixed in the next release. Sorry about that.

@Igeljaeger Not yet. But it's definitely a wanted feature. And we hope to work on it in the following months.

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