@[email protected] Just read the Signal changeset for the URL previews:

Wonderful how they ehhh not document their source code. There are exactly 7 comments in the entire changeset of more than 2600 lines of code. ~2000 of them are added.

I'm not sure that's a good sign…

#Signal #codeQuality #infosec #documentation



Have you compiled a list of alternatives to Signal? I'm planning to try out Jami as a potential replacement. I prefer an app that's available on f-droid anyways

I'm not about to switch away from signal, it's still one of the most privacy focused apps out there. And from a privacy vs UX perspective probably still the best app on the market.

Anyway, usual recommendations for signal alternatives: Conversations (XMPP), Wire, Briar (uses Tor, no desktop version), and if you don't care about being open source/free software there is also Threema.

A lot of those alternative's usability depends on your needs and expectations.

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