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Poem, Government, Silencing 

Cull Shock
March 4, 2022

when [redacted] was rendered invisible
imprisoned for being [redacted], silenced
we knew the fall was coming, hard and slow
how any being, for being, [redacted]
was simply any being, redacted

fearing picking up the pen
writing ‘em back in
just meant next code called
was one’s own

* * *

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@Wookhash Yes, I think so, and the more major the event, the more manipulated.
"let them eat cake!"

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Poem for Roy Batty
Kona Macphee

Whenever neon trickles down
to meet a city drain,
I think of you on some wet roof,
a cobbled son of men –

the thorned corona of your hair
that crowns a failing sun,
the closing lotus of your hand,
its nail to pin the flown;

and when the blue sky beckons through
a fissure in the rain,
you haunt the hurt leak of my pulse –
beat gone, beat gone, beat gone.

from What Long Miles (Tarset: Bloodaxe, 2013)

#poetry #poem

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Poem, Control 

Molecular Switching
November 29, 2021

having run out of blank sheets
we built our golem of newsprint
carefully mixing evenly toned pulp
before awakening

unprepared for fiber memory
a thousand yellow journalists

advertisements in equal flow
oil of snake and perfect afterglow
no blank taste of thumb on brow
awake forever dreaming

collateral instructions
wasps’ nest hive
reduced panic voices
in chorded multitude

thumbs upon our brows

* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

They have hidden God in language, obscure / Patterns abstractions misty clouds of fear / Blanket after blanket binding my tight / Trapped and struggling, still writing.

@pennywhether The first step can be as simple as skipping breakfast, and then telling yourself that the "hunger" you might feel in the morning is really just habit. Here, it took less than a week to adjust. Good luck!

@phagusX Is there a link to the complete sermon anywhere?

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RT @SerbiaBased
A great speech by the Serbian Orthodox Bishop Photius ☦️ about current situation in the world.

"A great battle is being fought for the freedom all around the world"

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A new study published in Nature reveals that phthalates, a chemical used to keep plastics soft, and similar chemicals were found in food purchased from McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Chipotle.

Phthalates are linked to a host of health issues in children and adults. In adults, they have been linked to everything from reproductive issues to endocrine system problems.


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@lain @Moon @jeremiah more?? how do you get lower than nearly destroying linguistics and stubbornly stanning pol pot


@jeremiah Controlled opposition from day 1, now cashing in whatever credit he may tricked from ... well, I suppose from nearly everybody ... at the behest of his handlers and masters.


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