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In the not so distant future my bike will be composed completely out of sugru 🙃

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O.o!!! @yunohost now has working pixelfed, mastodon, pleroma, peertube, plume, funkwhale in community downloads.

(and some things like I didn't even know I needed like firefox sync self host)

and it apparently can even install on an raspberry pi 2? (although that is probably a very bad idea for social media side of things for multiple reasons xD)

I officially have no excuse left at least to not create a pixelfed instance.


Schule, Studium, Job, Kind

Krass wie hart jeder der Phasenuebergaenge alle Zeitconstraints ueber den Haufen werfen ann die man sich gerade gewoehnt hat.

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Any ideas where to buy M3 left+right threaded rod parts? I need to connect two plates with threaded holes arranged in a square.

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Remember, "Kubernetes Cluster" is an effective gender-neutral insult!

Nichts macht so geduldig, während man das Kind in den Schlaf schaukelt, wie Podcasts und Hörbücher.

(Und Noise-Cancelling Kopfhörer)

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Wenn man sich Freunde einlädt hat man auch einen Grund den Garten auf zu räumen ☝️

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