So, RE: this 'federated' thing. If i browse a specific toot to see its replies, will i see everything across all instances, or only stuff tooted at him from people that were in my 'federated' circle?

Find Mastodon instance with the fastest ping time (also works under Win10 "Bash on Ubuntu"):

wget # Fetch "index.html"
# Extract URLs, ping, sort
grep -i https index.html | grep -iv /https/ | grep -o https[^\"]* | sed "s+https://++" | sudo xargs -n 1 ping -w 2 -c 10 | grep time= | sed "s/=/ /" | awk '{ printf "%s\t%s\n", $(NF-1), $0 }' | sort -g -k1,1 | cut -f2-

1. Takes 5 minutes to run.
2. Numeric sort at end doesn't know ints from reals.

I didn't know it worked like this, but the federated view only shows the toots of people followed by others on your instance. So people on other instances that are not followed by anyone on your instance don't show up there. I somehow assumed it just showed everything.

@robin Terminator 2 really held up over time. I watched it again last month; still looks amazing.

Watching Terminator 2. This really (still) is such a good movie! Watched part 1 last week, and probably going to do part 3 next week.

@eurasierboy love your app! Not that there's a lot of alternatives out there πŸ˜‚ but I appreciate the time you've put into it.

Already annoyed by my own animated gif avatar. Back to a static one.

I'm guessing is the worst instance to be on right now due to the heavy load. Hope it doesn't kill the hype.

A lot of French people tooting arund the federated timeline.


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