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You people don't run my life!

Screw this. I need a vacation. Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, sand in my asscrack, and a mojito please!

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Hey there, kids, you wan to smoke some crack?

Come hang with me, you're on the right track.

I'll shave your chest if you wash my back.

Then we'll be friends and smoke some crack.

lifehack: you can literally just make up some shit that lives in the ocean and say its real and people will go with it. like what are they gonna do, go and check

Anyone else noticed that Lisp projects, both and Common , tend to have a lot of stars from Japanese users?

Wonder what makes Lisps more popular there. πŸ“¦πŸ€”

Holy crap that wasn't even twenty squats and my knees feel like giving out.

I press the button on the terminal's keyboard to access the intercom. "Attention fellow tomb-raiders, we will be descending in onto New Uranus in a moment. If you have any last wills or testimonies, now would be a good time to get them out of the way."

ED-1 has been programmed to apply anti-corrosion gel out of the ship's pores as we approached. I checked my zapper's munition as the dark blue clouds approached us with wrath.

What could possibly go wrong?


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"I cannot find a Mandate Traveller signal for: New Uranus.", ED-1's synthesized voice boomed over the intercom.

Looks like we'll be going in blind. Legend says the cities of New Uranus had incredible gengineering technology that could turn an already-born creature into a force to be reckoned with. The legend also said that it was a cluster of cities at the bottom of the alien ocean beneath a corrosive atmosphere.


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The CJS Potentate finally exited its spike drill after a tiring week of rotating pilot duty. Now it was time for the shipboard computer's turn after being useless for the drill. On the terminal flashed a hexagonal grid, with one hex flashing and a "HEX 03 NEW URANUS" pointing to it.

I had to suppress a giggle unless I wanted the rest of the crew snickering about it for the next drill if we had to skip here.


People joke about North Dakota not really existing but has anyone ever heard of a Vermont?

Oh boy! I can't wait to be a useless piece of shit and play Cave Story all day!

I really do need a new tablet but I refuse to get another Wacom. Putting out shoddy wares; nibs get roughed to uselessness quickly and the stylus is very fragile and you'll pretty much have to buy a new tablet to get a new stylus.

Meanwhile this rusty trusty in a one-off sale from ALDI in 2008 is still serving me well but is on its last legs.

Can Mastodon have, y'know, some NORMAL people for a change?

I imagine most of these people on other instances are the stick-in-the-butt at their family's Fourth of July gatherings ranting about our history and screeching while their dad looks and sighs in disappointment.

The holiday's meaning is mostly gone already. You could say it's been "secularized" and now it's just a grilling holiday because bah gawd these 'Murricans just want to grill. Nothing and no one seems to call it "Independence Day" anymore without referring to the alien movie.

Saturday? In MY park?

It's more likely that it's the fourth of July than you think.

Ferngullying - noun - To reminisce with rose-tinted glasses. To forcibly evoke a sense of nostalgia whether the victim wanted to or not. Named after the animated movie "Ferngully".

Wish themes would quit setting fonts. I know what face and size I want, stop presuming you know better.

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