Hrmm. Maybe all running on one RPi2 might be a bit much. Guess I’ll see.

@ben that’s right! Worth a crack!
SWMBO is away and I’m home from work with a sick child, so I’m not really wasting time, right? :dealwithitparrot:

oh. That was not the emoji I expected. Damn you mobile client for not animating :blobcry:

@ben yeah so I can run Kodi, Syncthing, Nextcloud and Pi-Hole all together fine. Oh instead of Kodi I can boot to desktop and found a version of Chromium that will run Netflix, however it doesn’t quite have the frame rate even at 720p. I’m wondering if I can find the email where I paid for the hardware decoding to see if it’ll help entering the enable codes.


What else (besides pihole) should I run on mine?

@ben dunno really, I just flashed a image and ran the software installer. I checked some boxes and it made it happen.
Which is great, because my ambition and ideas don’t usually fit into my available spare time.

@ben so to be clear, you literally turn on the pi and select which software to install, and it does it.

Magic. Made by wizards.


automated installers are bae. i've spent enough time grokking config files and man pages...

@rotawerx lol that's awesome, i'll have to check out that image for some ideas :)

I just used the base raspbian image and threw pihole on it.

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