So far on the I have running, currently playing youtube videos, and also working perfect. Now, on to and ... :blobbounce:

@rotawerx That reminds me to repair my nextcloud installation... 😓

@hinterwaeldler yeah I haven’t sorted it yet. Meh I have a bunch of other stuff to do right now... it will have to wait.
syncthing is set up, need set up the folder on external drive. I wonder if nextcloud can contain syncthing folders mmm...

@rotawerx I use #Syncthing on a #Pi that sits in some place (not home) behind a firewall, I installed #Tor on it and can SSH to it via a hidden service, very convenient, so now that #RPi got a 2TB external HDD that has to be mounted manually (due to encryption). The #RPi is used for #backup and it works like charm, it is up without a problem for over a month now and keeps some tens of GB now.
Really very nice thing. I guess you can also use #Rsync via the hidden service, but that wouldn't be fast. The thing is, this way you can take the Pi to any place, hook it to the LAN there, wait 5 minutes (max) and SSH into it from all over the world. Off-site backup made easy, just drop the Pi at your grandmothers, hook it up to the router and go.

You can also do this without the external HDD and use a 512 GB micro SD.

@Utzer @rotawerx The encrypted external hard drive...

I have the same thing on my #raspberrypi. I tried listing it in /etc/crypttab, but then the boot hung, apparently because I was supposed to input the password but there was no prompt for it. Getting it to boot again was tricky.

Do you have a good idea of how to mount the hard drive when booting?

I think that is tricky, it is always interactive, either during boot or on cli you need to provide the password. I assume you can have the password in a file or use a shell script with the password inside. But that means the password is available to third party in a file.

@rotawerx By any chance are you writing a guide on this? I've tried to do this before with two approaches but I couldn't.

One was using a blank Raspbian an install everything on top but for some reason it was kinda messy.
The second one was modifying the Kodi, which also didn't work too well. #¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@mloki DietPi install image, it runs an installer which you choose what you want to install.
It’s made for idiots like me 😊

@rotawerx Dang, would have saved me days and days of headaches. Thanks for the heads up

@mloki - I followed a YouTube guide for nextcloud as that’s a bit beyond me.

@rotawerx I'll be checking out dietpi as soon as I get my rpi back. Right now is lent as a tiny workstation

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