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nige @rotawerx

Well... nextcloud thinks that 2000 MB = 2GB in max upload size setting :blobsurprised:

@Hawk1291 yeah. I'm treating this as a proof of concept to show the wife, I don't plan on using the current setup for reals yet.

@rotawerx i am running on the pi as well. It looks like the 2GB limit is a architecture limitation with php.

@Hawk1291 ah, that makes sense. The Asus Tinker looks kinda cool, can do 4K video etc as I also use it to run kodi at the same time.

@rotawerx hey been thinking about this on my own Nextcloud setup. Wondering, Are you running the Snap in the Snappy/Core image or are you running NextcloudPi/NextcloudPlus? I might upgrade to nextcloudplus to resolve this issue. It seem NC+ is a little more up to date and it is official now too.

Was just curious if you were running NC+ and still having the 2GB limit.

@Hawk1291 @rotawerx I was running it using DietPi installer, I’m not actually using it at the moment and have PiHole only running on it as I need a decent storage drive to go along with NC. Worked as proof of concept, though didn’t look further into that issue.

@Hawk1291 turns out I have difficulty replying from the right account heh. Anyway, rtwx is also me :blobfacepalm:

@rotawerx Ah gotcha. No problem. Thanks! yeah im just coming back around to the
Nextcloud stuff so time to mess with it again for a little while haha. just making the rounds on my projects. Thanks again.

@rotawerx but should only be present on the pi. Until the snap gets NC13