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(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
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Everyone talks about the subtext, and never the domtext.

Notice the little chewing movements of her cheeks and mouth. When rabbits are calm and happy, they grind their teeth a little. Unlike the way rodents do it, it's very subtle in rabbits as you can very rarely hear it. `

>In Hypnosis Radio, Dice said that he likes pretty much any food, except for wild plants. It was also implied that he eats grass, as he mentioned that grass is nasty, bitter and can't be eaten raw - he goes on further to say that the 'grass in Tokyo' doesn't taste good.


looking at old files and honestly I'll always regret deleting the small collection of porn videos I had when I was a teen

probably late to the party as always but I just discovered you can do this shit with VLC and I'm losing it

even thought about going back there ~properly~ but the site is so broken, feels like it's trying to drive me away lmao

I forgot the name but I googled "japanese song dance mmd g" and got here after a couple of clicks :awa:

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an artist I liked deleted their twitter account but I looked up their url and found that some of their art was still available on poipiku 🙏✨

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I forgot how often firefox makes my laptop crash... I was thinking about switching back here but I'm not sure anymore.............

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checking and closing tabs (as always lol) and god, the worst part of this is when shit gets deleted. tweets, posts, whole accounts and websites sometimes... it's so frustrating bc most times I don't even remember what was there 😭

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I stopped using firefox around april (I think?) because I had too many tabs open and was overwhelmed but couldn't bring myself to close any

I started using it again last week and the funny thing is that I had around 90 tabs here while on waterfox I have around 200 (and that's after closing like 100)

I don't remember exactly when I added the "@ tabs hell" to my name here but it's been months and I'm still there

making impulse 60€ purchases at 4 am as the well adjusted person I am

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