youtube-dl -o - | ffmpeg -i - -r 15 -vf scale=512:-1 -f gif ohwow.gif # Convert a "GIF" from a tweet (which is actually an mp4) into an actual GIF animation.

how2 avoid youtube 

1. Youtube provides RSS feeds. They're very useful.
They are in the form of<channel ID>

2. mpv - and probably others - can open Youtube URLs directly.

3. On Android, there's a piece of software called NewPipe that parses YouTube webpages - and RSS feeds - to provide a more pleasant interface.

3. There's a Firefox addon that redirects Youtube pages to Invidious automatically.

4. If you combine these, you can avoid ever opening the site. I have a script[1] that decides whether to open mpv or a web browser when I click an entry in QuiteRSS for stuff I care about.

5. You can feed youtube-dl a channel or playlist URL and it will download the lot.

Bonus: not using the website will probably result in you wasting less time as you're not subject to their psychological warfare.

Distributed systems that overlook the importance of the discoverability problem will always lead the system to be centralized at the end. it doesn't matter if everyone has voice but some authority decides who will be listened to.

you can make billions of dollars by finding a system the didn't solve the discoverability problem and solve it in a centralized way. the most popular example is google that controls the web (which is in many ways distributed) by solving its discoverability problem.

also there is git and github. the real benefit of github is that it lets you to discover new interesting projects. pull requests and issues can be replaced by mail, but there is no distributed way to solve the discoverability problem.

I hate when I'm one character over the text limit and the only way I could find to go below it is to remove a period or comma XD

> create bot
> 2 minutes after it's somebody spams it with trash
> when you ask why they say it's to show it can abused by bad people

this is the first time in my life I ever got blocked by anyone so maybe I'm just kinda taking it too personally...

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Today I got blocked by someone I really admire. I've literally been reading their blog for years and can count more than 65 posts that I've read in full XD

I just replied to a mildly political toot they had with what I intended to be two toots of honest, thoughtful, argument, without any intent of provocation.

toot deleted, account blocked, without any warning or interaction...

I feel sad :[

the fediverse (our world?) is weird


> Turn Javascript off NOW!

a pretty nice touch btw :)


also, been reading around the source code of and now I have the urge to do something ncurses XD

hello @z411

I just finished reading:

I enjoyed the writing, thank you for translating it. Madhouse produced some of my most favorite anime. always interesting to see how the threads of time intertwine to get us to where we are now, the stories, and the backgrounds against which they developed.

btw, your site on is pretty cool, I like it :]

I wrote a little post about the recent proposal of language in git (master).

And if you offended by the title...

While I appreciate that they give me something to write about today, I feel we shouldn't underestimate these people, who are changing things, because they can't grab the meaning of . They just want to change it, because the sake of change. And it's not even a meaningful !

there's apparently 3 space launches this saturday, which reminds me that

conquering space as a united human race is the closest we can reach to experiencing heaven

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