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Q: Why did the network admin go to the restroom to diagnose connectivity problems?

A: Taking a tcpdump.

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Post From 86954645 So I got a new printer recently, it's whatever cheapest new HP inkjet they sell, and noticed something called HP Instant Ink.

Apparently, it's a subscription program for free ink if you agree to pay per page on a monthly plan. What's more, the printer is already configured to handle this and will report pages printed, brick itself if you stop paying, or lock you out until the end of the bill period if you try to cancel early.

What the actual fuck? Is this what they mean when (((they))) say "you will own nothing and you will like it"?? @sjb
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@CafeJunkie @digitalcourage

Regierungen war noch nie geheuer, dass Computer universelle Maschinen sind. Deshalb würden sie gern bestimmen, welche Software die Bevölkerung einsetzen darf. Dabei helfen Hersteller wie Apple, auf deren Geräten nur Apps aus einem strikt kontrollierten App-Store installiert werden können.

Cory Doctorow nannte das “The war on

Die #FSFE hält dagegen:

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if you block people from russia from your website:
fuck off, you are only contributing to russia's propaganda of persecution
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Anthony Rutkowski points out a renewed trend of publishing "cybersecurity" "standards" through ISO/IEC, where they are hidden behind a paywall:

"[..] participants were stunned to learn that a standards body had developed a derivative standard for a power system and smart city data security - IEC 62351:2022 - and was charging 4450 Swiss Francs for a single user copy. "


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A: Did you hear the joke about the gaslighter?
B: No.
A: Yes, you have.
B: No, I don't!
A: You've literally heard it already!
A: You're crazy.


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Q: The NSA is building a new code-breaking supercomputer, what is this project's slogan?

A: Intel inside.

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Another video I have on speed-dial as this shit repeats so often, is "Encryption: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver"

John even mentions the Clipper Chip explicitly. And also that there are 100s of alternatives to choose from (or create your own), so the criminals you'd like to stop ... guess what ... criminals break the law ... by definition ... so they'll just do it again.

Why is it always comedians that have to explain that to you as you won't listen to the experts?

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@mario @Mek101 when trying to watch
with youtube-dl i get an
ERROR: Sign in to confirm your age
which blows

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Encryption may be
applied at different layers
in the storage stack

how can i watch / without scanning my passport or otherwise identifying myself towards ?

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Yossi Bartal (@BartalYossi): "Ich und viele andere Israelis und Palästinenser werde am Wochenende in Berlin gegen Apartheid demonstrieren. Egal, ob deutsche Politiker unsere Demos verbieten oder nicht." | 42l - nitter

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Haha! Some time ago I was at a friends place when they showed me a YT video playing on the TV.
I was astonished at what I saw and my first reaction was: "Do you have a virus on your TV?"

I very rarely see the ad-crap (even on YT itself) as (I guess) it's blocked by uBlock Origin and/or uMatrix.
But apparently they're used to that.

I was (literally) shaking my head as I can't/couldn't understand how one could accept that crap/nightmare 🤷

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