Today I have this urge to go and try #NixOS or #Guix, mostly because I'd like to try stuff like Gnome 40+, without running #Debian testing or unstable.

I like that Debian stable is solid and dependable. I like it less when I wish to experiment with new stuff.

I do have a ~100g SSD partition I could use to try stuff on, I suppose. Maybe I'll see what I can fit in there, and how it feels.

Had a quick look, #NixOS it is, because #Guix doesn't support systemd. I have quite a bit of stuff build on top of that, which I'm not going to part with, nor rewrite.

Lets see what I can fit into 110g.

On second thought, I should probably invest into a larger SSD. But I feel like 110g should be enough for a base system. Maybe I'm living in the past... we'll see soon enough.

First obstacle: I have set up a VM for NixOS, the installer says I'm not connected to the internet. Meanwhile, using the Firefox on the installation CD, I'm happily browsing.


Got around that by using nixos-install from a terminal instead. In hindsight, I should've just installed nixos from my Debian host, rather than using a VM. The VM has the advantage of making it easier to try, though.

I'm definitely going to reinstall at some point before switching over (if switching over in the first place), so this was a useful experiment.

The NixOS configuration language is kind of terrible to look at. I'd much prefer #Guix's Guile, but alas, no systemd.

@ruffni Because that's what I'm most familiar with, and upon which I have built a gazillion little things I'm not willing to part with, nor rewrite.

Even if Shepherd is good, or even better, I'm still not familiar with it, and my desire for Guile isn't high enough to make me switch away from systemd.


@algernon one of the greatest things among the ecosystem is the fact that you need no more Scheme to get started than what i can teach you right in this toot.

(fun arg arg)

there's parens. zero or more arguments get applied to a function.

guix is written with great care to understandable code. and since it's the same language everywhere (cron, service and package mgmt, etc) you can get cleaner, more powerful stuff with less effort and confusion :)

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@ruffni Oh, you don't need to (t|pr)each me Scheme. I know and love it. I'm just not willing to rewrite a big pile of things and unlearn years of muscle memory just so I can configure my system in it.

While I'd love to do so, the effort is bigger than I'm willing to spend at this time. I'll revisit that stance if/when Nix starts to drive me nuts. :P

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