a trans-man's insights on his culture shock

long story short, after becoming a male-read person the author describes just how bad the state of being male actually is

are you as stunned as i am?

generiert (selbstverständlich per Computer) automatisch Wortassoziationen. Dies ist das Resultat zum Wort "umbringen"

ok, so i'm slowly getting insights!

crows mate and raise offspring. when they do so, they get territorial: they defend "their" space, against other crows, other (sometimes larger) birds, no exceptions made.

so when the youngens fledge they either find a mate and start a family on their own, or they join the local youth club (which is an effectual murder of crows, all single and ready to mingle)

murders live in colonies and don't mix with couples

poland independence day nazis fact check 

can someone help me fact-proof this? is it real? also the "aided by the Warsaw gov't part"?
do you know of any non-polish sources on this?

luring some burds into friendship 

what genus is that? is it a rook? carrion crow?
i think it's probably one of those two. location? central europe

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