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Yesterday, at a company event, I gave a lightning talk about my first contribution to Emacs. In it, I also mentioned that I was able to contribute a little more to Guix, and that my long-time dream of contributing to GNU has come true.

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#2637 Roman Numerals 

100he100k out th1s 1nno5at4e str1ng en100o501ng 15e been 500e5e50op1ng! 1t's 6rtua100y perfe100t! ...hang on, what's a "virtuacy"?

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PSA: Your CPU microcode doesn't just Meltdown and Spectre, it's now abandonware! (INTEL-SA-00617)

July 17, 2022 Qubes Security Bulletin 081:

"An adversary who controls a VM with an assigned PCI device can infer the memory content of […] Our best evidence indicates that mitigations are available for all and only those CPUs that are both eligible for and updated with the Intel microcode update released in May 2022."

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Fuck the Supreme Court, fuck the Democrats, and the fuck the Republicans.

Burn it all down.

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lindner lässt ihn ein paar botengänge und besorgungen erledigen

RT @[email protected]

Jemand hat „Wo ist Olaf?“ ans Kanzleramt gesprüht. Jetzt großes Polizeiaufgebot…


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Federated social media has a lot of things going for it, but discoverability is not one of them, so when I have a post that travels, I pay close attention to the notifications. Some of those accounts are worth a follow, and might not ever cross my path otherwise.

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@Troll Suspicious that they put so much energy into branding

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One of the best feelings about Guix System, Guix Home and rde is a feeling of persistence: when you solve your problem and know that this solution will survive for years or decades, will work on a new laptop or workstation and you won't need to do any extra installation steps or remember the hacks you did years ago.

Thanks the greatest minds for reproducibility! :guix:

#gnu #guix #rde #floss #foss

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»wenn man sie fragt antworten sie: freitag um 4 ist die arbeit der woche vorbei.
freitag um 4 fühlen wir uns so glücklich & frei. das ist alles was sie können.«
(Elfriede Jelinek: MICHAEL ein Jugendbuch für die Infantilgesellschaft (1972))


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The problem isn’t that the fascist bastards lie. We all KNOW they’re lying. We always have.

The problem is you pretending to believe them, whether out of laziness or greed.

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people cw their images "eye contact" and then there's nothing touching their eyes??

@Cyborgneticz @lrhodes harm reduction for whom?

i agree, letting people believe that their votes matter reduces strikes, protests, revolts

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@cstanhope The popularity of Pascal and Ada is what influenced the instruction set design of the original 8086, and Intel's engineers freely admit this. Language determinism is definitely a thing.

The instruction set enhancements of the 65816 over the 6502 were also mainly the result of people complaining to Bill Mensch about how terrible C is on the 6502. :)

Then, there's the whole evolution of RISC, which while not exactly C specific per se, nonetheless have ISAs optimized with C in mind, if only because all their test programs were written in C.

C has, in many respects, definitely crippled our ability to think about more ambitious processor designs.

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Today is a great opportunity for community.

Let people be upset, angry and sad. Let people feel.

It doesn’t have to be pretty for it to be valuable.

Because we’re doing it together.

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