Had two weird ideas for libraries last night. This is actually the second one but I finished it first:


A library that exposes a type which you can use to protect destructive operations and make sure callers are really sure they want to run it.

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Thunderbird 78 rolls out with various UI redesigns, including a much improved dark mode. Also, integrated PGP / GPG support.


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I should install System on some real hardware to give it a try. In a VM it was interesting but that's never quite the same are on-device.

Been waiting for OpenSUSE to update Guix in their repos too so I can try it on top of another distro.

Going to try and be more active again on Mastodon in an attempt to get out of my habit of just flipping between like 3 news sites when I'm bored.

Also gonna try and read more articles about random stuff that I find interesting.

What's a good alternative to Wordpress? I need a bit more than a static-site generator, but much less than all the bloat that is Wordpress.

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Tried for the first time in a while and am really impressed. Game reminds me of the old Beta days of Minecraft that me and my friends loved.

Through in better performance and an incredibly easy modding API and mod management and I think you have something really special.

I'm considering starting to host a dedicated server.

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Along the lines of pingfs, I bet you could make a usable fuse filesystem by uploading data to unlisted YouTube videos. Basically a 3d QR code (2 visual, one temporal). Gotta survive re-encoding. I wonder if they notice oddly high-entropy uploads.

For some reason a self-hosted pastebin is one of the things I use the most. It just makes it so easy to send documents to people.

I honestly only installed it because I saw it was supported by @yunohost but I've come to rely on it for a lot.

Ok I take it back Tetris 99 is actually really fun. Its adds the level of hectic action you see in other multiplayer Tetris games but multiplies it many times over.

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KTouch is a touch 👐 typing ⌨️ tutor 🎓 from #KDE. Suitable for all ages and the perfect typing tutor for schools and personal use. Ships with dozens of courses and collects metrics to help analyze your progress.

snap install ktouch


On the bright side they released Super Mario Bros 2 and Kirby's Adventure for the NES virtual console.

Haven't played too much of SMB2 yet, but Kirby is blowing me away. I've never played a Kirby game before and this game has aged fantastically and is extremely polished.

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Wow the Nintendo direct was kinda underwhelming. New Mario Maker is neat. They spent way too long on Fire Emblem. DQ11 coming to Switch to the surprise of no one. Of the he other stuff nothing too notable.

There is that weird Tetris battle royale... I feel like I don't need to say more.

No Animal Crossing news STILL which is getting frustrating.

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RT @[email protected]: We just cut the first release candidate for Riot 1.0 😄 🎉 Intrepid testers are welcome to give it a go at riot.im/staging and help us test! 7pm Friday RCs ftw...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RiotChat/status/10

Been spending more time this week working on professional development. Updated my resume and such.

Also attended on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get that tag going on here as well!

Been learning some Scheme lately and I really like it. Been working with CHICKEN and Racket

Racket has a great standard library and provides a nice OOTB experience which is nice.

CHICKEN just feels lightweight and clean and provides great interop with C.

Anyone got and interesting tips for Scheme or LISP in general?

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A very thorough description of the MIT license. MIT has been my go-to for years now, and it's interesting to see the details of it.

/dev/lawyer The MIT License, Line by Line writing.kemitchell.com/2016/09 via @wallabagapp

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