Anybody know of a good C torrent library? Considering using Transmission but haven't decided yet.

Gonna write a wrapper for Rust to use in a side-project.

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We love the new plume project website!

Great work @Bat and team!

Saw an albino pigeon by the road yesterday. Sorry for the bad picture.

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1,525 signups so far today, 105 of which have paid for their account ❤️

Wow has come a long way since I last tried it. A bit less polished than but has more features.

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I've been hacking on the matrix client for the last couple of days as a form of procrastination.
It's been fun, I like QT quite a bit.

Also if anyone knows any decent Markdown libraries in C(++) that would be a big help! Cmark is just not cutting it.

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Here's another screenie because this is starting to look soooooo nice :D

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KDE really is fast and light now, I'm not going back to GNOME...

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Just released: KDE's Plasma 5.14 desktop comes with new features and a much polished environment

Plasma 5.14 simplifies managing multiple displays thanks to its new Display Configuration widget; global menus now work also with GTK applications like GIMP; a new safeguard feature warns you if other users are logged in when you log out; and Discover now lets you install Snaps from all available channels, orders software by release date, and shows package dependencies.

I wonder if the death of Google+ will cause people to move to the Fediverse.
Maybe not most end users but apparently some orginazations like GNOME had a big presence there that might translate well to say Diaspora.

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Man these commons clause people are delusional

For the last couple of weeks I have been running a new forum over at

It's mostly just me and my friends right now but we're looking to grow.

So come join us if you want to just talk!
Also check out the "toggle rain" button at the bottom for a neat visual effect :thinking_coffee:

Should I try Vivaldi 2.0 or wait for Brave 1.0? :thinking_up:

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@rushsteve1 it's not fully fixed (we're just relying on the improvements from py2 to py3) but it helps a lot. Increasing the SYNAPSE_CACHE_FACTOR env variable also can help a lot, unintuitively (see

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Me: Ok new phone, new chance to keep things light and minimal. Only download the apps you need.

3 days later: "Storage is low"

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