Saw an albino pigeon by the road yesterday. Sorry for the bad picture.

TFW You will never be as cool as the anti-tank Vespa

Been meaning to post a pic of my new Koolertron split keyboard. I love it so far and its super comfy to type on with Brown switches.
Bit of a learning curve though.

The new FranXX preview tho... Trigger why you gotta do this and mess with our feels like this.

I don't have a pic from it so take this from last episode.

Me every time some classic 80's Sci-Fi manga gets a new deluxe edition.

Forget BnHA, Steins;Gate 0, Persona 5. The SAO spinoff is already the best thing this season.

Wow. Ran out of storage on really fast... :blobupsidedown:

I have been working on a little project to generate nice looking HTML summary cards for anime/manga.
And while it is still a WIP I though I would share.
If you wanna see the code DM me, don't think it is ready to share just yet.

I watched RWBY recently and was really impressed by the later seasons. Though the first couple certainly left something to be desired.
Anyway here are sisters!


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