Thinking seriously to contribute something to mastodon. Currently I am focused on web apps, so I thought about making an alternative web client. Do you think something like that would be helpful? If not, what do you think a good way to contribute?

@saadnpq Maybe contribute by realizing/fixing one of the Github issues? Making the software better for every user would probably have the biggest impact. :)

@esureL the problem is that most of the code is written in Ruby, which I know nothing about. Maybe I can help with the front end part, I don't know much about the technologies mastodon is based on.

@saadnpq @esureL This is my exact problem. I deal a lot in PHP and Node, but I've never touched Ruby on Rails. The front-end's written in React though, which I want to-learn (I've been a Vue JS dev for a while) so that's a potential inroad.

@TheFake_VIP @esureL Awesome, I know React pretty well. probably what I will do is going through the github issues and try to find accessibility related issues (or opening new ones). This will also make me learn more about the API and help me if i decided to make my own client in the future.

@saadnpq @esureL Great! If you want to know a little more about the backend, here's a few resources to check out. definitely be useful if you want to make a client:

@esureL but yeah, helping with the GitHub issues is the best option. I don't mind learning new stuff. I can start with the easy to fix issues and see how things will go.

@saadnpq Me? I used to use Collapse Mastodon, but now, I just use the single mode, as it seems to work better on a smaller laptop screen.
Collapse Mastodon I think isn't being developed any longer. - I'd use it on my Larger screen with Firefox. - Collapse Mastodon's Chrome version never did work well.

Not sure if that's something that would interest you.

@randynose I was exactly thinking about a UI similar to the advanced view. I reacently opened a feature request on github that would allow us to adjust every column width. I didn't know that it's not active anymore. very helpful information that I will certainly consider. Thanks.

@saadnpq Adjustable Column Widths and the ability to easily add or remove every column, I know you can add and remove some of them with the advanced view, and haven't messed with it lately. - I might have to look at it again. LOL. Just not while I'm using the current device that I'm using. (Chromebook).

@saadnpq making a build of mastodon/pleroma server *that doesn't use any prerequsite not found in debian stable*

@jeffcliff Thanks for the idea. Certainly I will look into that and see if I can do it.

@saadnpq if you know anything about ARIA, as a blind Fediverse user, I'd encourage you to look into making clients more accessible. Whether that's contributing to the Mastodon front-end or creating your own client is up to you. On the whole it's pretty good but there's a few places that could do with aria-labels, to replace the UUIDs you get if you didn't label your image when posting it.

@TheFake_VIP Great idea. That certainly will be on top of my list.

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