Algorithmic suggestions and filter bubbles harmed me so much before when I was using google and popular social media, but I managed to escape it. I have a friend who thinks everyone wants to be a rapper based on what he sees on social media and youtube. And this view of the world is really influencing many of his decisions in life. For people out there the entry point to any kind of knowledge is google (which gives them what they want to see). How can you destroy the human mind more.

"How can you destroy the human mind more."


Oh, wait, that was rhetorical.

@saadnpq This is a great observation, and scary. I see it happening with my kids; their idea of success is to someday be a Minecraft youtuber. Not that I had any great ideas about life at that age, but it really shows how the media you consume shapes your ideas about the world. The difference is that their exposure is being driven by an algorithm designed not to be educational or benefit them in any way but just to maximize engagement and ad revenue for a giant corporation.

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