After spending my whole break reading about new (and sometimes experimental) technologies and protocols that try to fit into a better future for the internet, I came to the conclusion that we already have it in our hands, the fediverse. the key point of federation is that it gives you many degrees of freedom based on how much convenience you want to get. self-host it if you want or trust someone to deal with things for you. whatever your choice, we can still be together at the end.

@saadnpq i think what really misses is a decentralized DNS. Selfhosting is close to impossible *just* having internet these days.

@mray yeah the fediverse is not solving every problem with the internet unfortunately. there is much happening these days that will facilitate self hosting, the raspberry pi, the rise of the cloud hosting companies and the crazy increase of the self hosted software out there. I can imagine in the near future that normal people will deal with their cloud computer as a normal device and installing a web app will be as easy as installing any regular app.


@mray and with the cloud I mean a VPS

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