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For people, what's your favorite principle of the Zen of Python?
Mine is "Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules"

My first custom hand wired . Did it a while ago and used it for so long. It's really close to my heart

I wasn't following the rules as I should have, but now it's time to start, and you too. This killer is getting insane.

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@saadnpq Achievement unlocked! You are my 600th follower!
Here is a prize:

just finished my portfolio. tell me what you think.

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Super happy with this directional hover effect on the new 👆✨

my biggest achievement so far is surviving for 24 years. don't get me wrong, i love it deep in my heart. but it's just a hard country to live in.

Is there a name for the feeling that someone will certainly die young? for me It's not just a feeling, but i act like it's an inevitable fact . it's not like just being afraid of dying, it's something else i can't describe.

few days ago some human animal hit me with a cup of tea on my head during a fight. Happy

All of the bad design we have in this world arose from the " look what i can do lets make something out of it" mentality of engineers


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