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Fighting for freedom isn’t gratis, and we depend on the generosity of donors like the Ron Hume, Dean Ujihara, Brad Flaugher, František Kučera, and Adarsh Melethil to fuel the FSF. #ThankGNU! Check out for a full list of 2022 donors.

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Updating Chrome on a user's machine...why does Chrome need to check the local machine's software...?

Reason #4368 why I don't like Chrome.

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Deutschland du mieses Stück Scheiße!

Die #Taliban überrennen #Afghanistan und die Heuchler*innen, die vor 2 Monaten noch gegen die Evakuierung der Ortskräfte gestimmt haben, versuchen nun sich zu profilieren.
Frauen und Mädchen, flinta* und Queers werden massakriert, Journalist*innen, Helfer*innen, alle Personen, die nicht ihrem islamistischen Wahn entsprechen und der Westen zuckt die Schultern und fragt sich wie das nur passieren konnte.
Ihr widert mich an!

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The FSF is making a funded call for white papers to address Copilot, copyright, machine learning, and free software. Submit yours by Monday, August 23:

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I love how Drew DeVault is gradually turning into Richard Stallman with these half-satire advocating for digital rights:

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My tiny side project has had more impact than my decade in the software industry

(submitted by mwilliamson)

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"An Introduction to the Ultimate Git Interface, Magit!"

"Everyday Git Workflow in Emacs with Magit - Part 2"

#emacs #magit #git

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Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Mark Harmstone #GCC #Binutils and Yuzhana Ego #Emacs for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU

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1/ @AetherEng
gave a presentation to @CodeAster
users entitled "IFC-Driven Code_Aster Analyses for Buildings", a summary of the "openBIM Structural Pipeline" work that has been done by the Open Source community until now. 2/ Chat with @Jesusbill
about the project and his presentation on our forum

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Shame. 😔

Shame is what I expect to grow day by day for every FOSS project staying on Microsoft services. It's like environment protection projects holding meetings on an oil-rig.

Sounds crazy? Then try adding bug reports, feature requests or comments to projects on github without a Microsoft account – any you'll see the insanity of the situation.

#LeaveGithubAlready #codeberg #foss #freesoftware

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RT @[email protected]

#Iran: #internet access has been cut off in several cities in the province of #Khozestan, where major popular protests are currently taking [email protected][email protected] denounces a clear desire to limit, or even censor, any independent information from this region!


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The internet will let you search for the most absurd idea you can come up with, quickly have it validated, and get connected with a bubble of people who believe it.

We have tribes with their own competing narratives of how the world works as opposed to a single shared reality.

We must constantly reexamine our theory of the world and adjust it based on how well it matches what we observe. When our model lacks predictive power then we our understanding of the world becomes divorced from reality.

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KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

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List of Free Software CAD Resources

Sharing is very appreciated.

Open Source Architecture Community

FreeCAD Forum
Your own 3D parametric modeler

The infamous 3D animation modeler, can be used in workflow with CADs (see OSArch)

Use Blender for CAD Purposes (see OSArch)

Lego, Bricks, and GNU GPL

#CAD #FreeSoftware #FreeCAD #Blender

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