I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:


The background story behind this launch:


Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.

Hello, free software community. This is a new libre software oriented computer shop opened in India by @abhas. You can think it is similar to ThinkPenguin and Technoethical in US and Europe but in India instead. Currently, it ships only in India but you can see everything about it is awesome. I think you will be interested.

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Friends: @mikegerwitz @strypey @lightweight @selea @redstarfish @arh @praveen

#FreeSoftware #Hardware #Computer

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