Ignore the nay-sayers – here’s why we’re still on course for a clean Brexit on 29th March

"the population of hipsters initially act randomly but then undergo a phase transition into a synchronized state"

The way official inflation is calculated ignores fully 50 per cent of the deflation that has already happened.

There is no real cure for this either.


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"If someone suggests that you should deploy ETS (eTLS) instead of TLS 1.3, they are selling you snake oil and you should run in the other direction as fast as you can."


"The United Kingdom must not be allowed to “pursue a cheap food policy” after it leaves the European Union" | Irish Farmers’ Association

Constructor theory is a new vision of physics, but it helps to answer a very old question: why is life possible at all?

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Microsoft Edge contains a hidden whitelist that lets Facebook always run Flash, even bypassing click2play policy:


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