Was at a fundraiser last night when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye who I thought I recognized, so I went over to say hello. Turned out to be the guy who publicly declared me to be a Nazi and got me censured by the state Green Party.

So I said hello anyway. Shook his hand.

I got up later to sing karaoke and have a good time. He was so uncomfortable he ended up leaving early.

Funny. Sometimes, just being a good guy can be all the revenge necessary.

My friend Diane claims to have discovered the reason Donald Trump was elected President.

She notes that sales of Corona beer have tended downward since the spread of the coronavirus.

Let's say it's possible that these two things have a common cause.

The similarity between Trump supporters and centrist Democrats: neither is really concentrating at all on actual policy or governance - it's all perception and "feels".

For MAGA muppets, they don't care Trump is a corrupt liar; they just want "payback" for nebulous wrongs done to them.

For DNC Hillbots, they'll rig the primaries/convention and deny health care/min wage to all b/c of "Bernie Bros" and their never-defined "rudeness" or "sexism" or other identity-based violation.

Britain secretly funded Reuters news agency in the 1960s and '70s at the behest of an anti-Soviet propaganda unit aje.io/gdbdh
#aljazeera #news

Apparently the instance here is undergoing some sort of technical issue, so I'm not sure my toots are being seen. Feel free to respond with signal check. I'll give it a bit of time to be sorted out before shopping elsewhere, if that is necessary.

Surprising for me as a Gnostic Christian to see a Mastodon instance named "pleroma"...

Really appreciate *not* having verification on Mastodon, actually. I'm beginning to think that possessing a blue check mark on Twitter is a way of warning other wildlife about toxicity, like a red hourglass shape on a spider.

So, let's see. Woman posts observation on political matter, saying, "I'm puzzled by this."

I respond; point out good points; offer personal observation (about the issue, not her) which may offer insight. No claims made.

Her response: I should comment without saying she is "wrong". (???) And: "Ordinarily I block for such mansplaining, but this seemed to be in good faith...anyway, here!" And she posts back a *flowchart*, "explaining" how I was "mansplaining".


Happy Pre-Thanksgiving to all fellow Americans! It's time to consume a large number of alcoholic beverages in anticipation of being at a table and forced to interact with your actual relatives tomorrow.

Half of my country believes that Muslims are about to come bursting over the Mexican border to piss on our lovely white virgins.

The other half is convinced that Russians are traveling through the Internet and jumping out of our computer screens to do the same thing.

This is why we are ruled by an illiterate fascist game-show host.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I should also mention that I have done some podcasts and radio. The podcast was The Secret Frequency, about ten years ago. The radio show was Strange Bedfellows Radio, with Pat LaMarche...

BTW: if any of you are in Baltimore or Washington, DC, or nearby, and like pub trivia - please look for my game! It's Atomic Trivia, at atomictrivia.us

Still getting the hang of things here. Looks like there may be more folks coming from India thanks to a ruling (a poor one) by their government.


Hi and welcome here.

The Fediverse (of which Mastodon is a part of) is decentralized, like e-mail: anyone with a gmail account can write to anyone with an india.com account (I'm not familiar with what email servers are used in India, sorry), or a yahoo account, or any mail account actually.
Anyone can even host one's own mail server and then he'll be able to write to any other mail account.
It's the same with the Fediverse: I am on Miaou.drycat.fr and you are on mstdn.social but we can still write to each other and see each other messages: it's called "federating".
Federating is a choice; many instances chose not to federate to the nazi/alt-right instance named "gab", for example. But your instance federates with mine; if it didn't there is not way we could see each other's messages.

Just joined. Walking in with a cardboard box full of stuff, wondering where to put the coffee cup...


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