In the meantime, you can email, call, or text me. You can also register on my forums, at - it's free, no ads, and I'd love the company.

Thanks, and I will see you later. [2/2]

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Hello, everyone. I've decided to discontinue using Mastodon (& Twitter) until further notice. The main reason is engagement - I haven't received any response to any of my posts here in over six weeks, including to a post that was deliberately meant to test to see if anyone was reading. That is an indication that my energy is better spent elsewhere.

I will be off for a matter of days or weeks, and at that time I will reassess things: I'll either resume, remain silent, or delete entirely. [1/2]

Currently on the Forums: Lovecraft Country; a board game called Immune; strange difficulty levels in video games; whether or not lesbians can fly. :thinkingcat:

Have you become the de facto tech expert in your crew or community? We created the Security Education Companion to help people like you teach digital security to your friends and neighbors.

Hey pips, i'm an #anarchist from #Belarus reporting what is going on right now in english. Would love some boosting to get more attention inside anarchist and leftist circles on situation in the country.

#NoComradesUnder1k #NoComradesUnder5k #NoComradeLeftBehind

Ladies and gents, tune in tonight at 7pm Eastern / 2300 UTC to Atomic Trivia!

Send mail to [email protected] to get the Zoom address and details!

Yes, in just a few short minutes, it's Atomic Trivia! Please join us at 7pm Eastern / 2300 UTC!

The idea behind the Atlantic forums <> is to build up a sort of critical mass of folks. Of course, if I knew how to do that, I wouldn't have 0 engagements on my posts on Twitter or Mastodon.

Two Tor zero-days disclosed, more to come

-First zero-day can identify direct connections to Tor
-Second zero-day can identify indirect connections (users connecting through Tor guards)
-Both issues can be used to completely shut out users from Tor

so around a century ago, there was a comic strip called The Outbursts of Everett True, where the titular character saw people being rude jackasses and decided to deal with this harshly and folks a lot of these still hold up perfectly in modern times

but i am delighted to announce

somebody's found the comics about mask-wearing

and They're Good, Folks

(uncaptioned, feel free to help out with descriptions here, i'd appreciate it)

(Yes, I know, no one actually reads this, but...)

The Atlantic forums are working again! Feel free to log in!

An unusual thought: Apply the idea of federation as practiced here to culture and politics. If were in free association with other states, would we choose to follow Donald Trump? (Of course not.) Could we take our own measures against CoViD-19? Heck, would Larry Hogan be our Governor?

A radical idea - but this is the time for such. The old ways clearly will not get us through the 21st Century.

Does anyone have a recommendation about which Peertube instance to join? I'm browsing, but none seem to be a decent fit.

So in about forty minutes, I'll be tuning in to the channel BET Her to see my wife. She's co-starring in an episode of The Couch, a three-part series. Her first TV credit...I'm excited!

Hey, open call for you to plug your #peertube channel in the replies of this toot!

I just created an account and I want to subscribe to you.

Let me know your @ and a brief description if your content

@snowdusk If you keep flushing your browser cookies, you can see more articles quite often.
I keep a collection of RSS here:
You may log in with user 'guest' passwd 'guest'.
Just recognize the slant of any of the sources. All news has a slant to it.

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