Ladies and gents, tune in tonight at 7pm Eastern / 2300 UTC to Atomic Trivia!

Send mail to [email protected] to get the Zoom address and details!

A reminder that Atomic Trivia is happening on Zoom TONIGHT (and hopefully every Wednesday), 7pm Eastern/2300 UTC! It's easy to play - check out for details!

Another reminder that Atomic Trivia is happening on Zoom this Wednesday, 7pm Eastern/2300 UTC! Check out for details!

Btw, here's an example of some of my questions...this is from last week's quiz! (And they're in the medium-hard round)

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RadioSure! with the IGWH, LibreOffice with my reminder calendar in the background, and an appropriate locally-brewed beverage.

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Enjoying the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour from @snowdusk ...with a bit of the Atlantic forums peeking in the background :blobangel:

Tonight: ATOMIC TRIVIA is online! (run by yours truly, the quizmaster!) Register early, then join us (Zoom/Google Forms) at 23:00 UTC! Go to for details


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