USPOL, RBG, Your Cynicism 

@TheGibson There is no such thing as "hold them accountable" under the current system.

Ask yourself: do you ever see the other side "holding their feet to the fire"? Or do their candidates just get in and begin swinging their crowbars, without any prompting?

Do you understand why that is?

In the meantime, you can email, call, or text me. You can also register on my forums, at - it's free, no ads, and I'd love the company.

Thanks, and I will see you later. [2/2]

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Hello, everyone. I've decided to discontinue using Mastodon (& Twitter) until further notice. The main reason is engagement - I haven't received any response to any of my posts here in over six weeks, including to a post that was deliberately meant to test to see if anyone was reading. That is an indication that my energy is better spent elsewhere.

I will be off for a matter of days or weeks, and at that time I will reassess things: I'll either resume, remain silent, or delete entirely. [1/2]

Currently on the Forums: Lovecraft Country; a board game called Immune; strange difficulty levels in video games; whether or not lesbians can fly. :thinkingcat:

Have you become the de facto tech expert in your crew or community? We created the Security Education Companion to help people like you teach digital security to your friends and neighbors.

Hey pips, i'm an #anarchist from #Belarus reporting what is going on right now in english. Would love some boosting to get more attention inside anarchist and leftist circles on situation in the country.

#NoComradesUnder1k #NoComradesUnder5k #NoComradeLeftBehind

Ladies and gents, tune in tonight at 7pm Eastern / 2300 UTC to Atomic Trivia!

Send mail to [email protected] to get the Zoom address and details!

@zaun when you use a decimal clock or calendar, get back to me

@mayuutann Dou itashimashite. :ablobsmile:

As others here have said, context can change things a bit. It is fine, as a sentence on its own, to simply say, "'Miyashita Koen' was renamed 'Miyashita Park'."

Yes, in just a few short minutes, it's Atomic Trivia! Please join us at 7pm Eastern / 2300 UTC!

The idea behind the Atlantic forums <> is to build up a sort of critical mass of folks. Of course, if I knew how to do that, I wouldn't have 0 engagements on my posts on Twitter or Mastodon.

@claudiom @snowdusk We got some serious rain all of last night, but the wind was never really a factor here. And the sun is out now. So all's well.

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