On this day in 1969: the publication of RFC 1. Happy 51st birthday, !

@salixlucida The should immediately contact this team and trade an infielder and a player to be named later to them for a few of their robots. They've got to pitch better than the guys we've got.

@scooterbird It's a part of sdf.org, which has been around for a very long time. I *think* it may have been called Freenet back in the early 2000's.
I enjoy it for the live chat that happens when you ssh in Or use IRC during the live shows. You interact with other listeners and the DJ who reacts on air to what he reads ppl posting. It's great fun.
Remote shell accounts are free and comewith ssh, website, email and gopher space.

@gemlog It's good to practice that way, and build up dexterity, but really, eating with chopsticks also consists of a lot of "shoveling"...

@gemlog In the future, perhaps. I could see it as a way to avoid expensive hardware purchases while expanding functionality.

‘Dictatorships often start in the face of a threat’: UN privacy chief warns against long-lasting theft of freedoms amid coronavirus surveillance independent.co.uk/news/world/c

@angristan Nous semblons n'avoir que deux sujets sur Trending Now: et ...ils semblent être là de façon permanente. Est-ce que ça va changer bientôt?

@gemlog @vilbi @kmj Indeed. Here in the US, the saying is, "An armed society is a polite society." In practice, I've seen little evidence of this, but old habits die hard.

re: covid -- longevity in environment 

I've reopened my long-dormant blog as a repository for information about the current public health crisis. It is called The Hidden Message. hiddenmessage.wordpress.com/20

(You can read the older articles that I listed there, too.)

covid -- longevity in environment 

covid -- longevity in environment 

@gemlog This radio station is super-interesting. Where did you find it?

Part of the problem in explaining the U.S. to others is we often do not act as a unified nation. "States" is a real part of our identity.

Maryland is on Day 6 of our virus measures. Schools, restaurants, all are closed. Rent collection, evictions, and utility turn-off is suspended. Children can receive free meals and snacks from designated distribution points.

West Virginia's Governor yesterday encouraged everyone in his state to go to Bob Evans, a restaurant chain.

@gemlog @amylsacks @salixlucida As one of our Green politicians said: we have a left wing and a right wing here in the U.S. - and they are both flapping to keep that corporate bird in the air... 😒

I feel as if an hour of my life has been taken from me...

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