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Hmmm. Some occasional #521 errors on this instance. Unusual. I may circle back around in a bit.

Listening to a yacht rock radio station...I think it was "Him" by Rupert Holmes:

Wife #1: "You know, they could just talk it over and negotiate a triad or something..."

Me: "Honey, half the yacht rock genre would disappear if people could do that."

A reminder that Atomic Trivia is happening on Zoom TONIGHT (and hopefully every Wednesday), 7pm Eastern/2300 UTC! It's easy to play - check out for details!

Tagging @angristan on this. (Ce n'est pas un grand chose, vous avez le temps)

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I may be changing hosting companies soon. My business might be here in the 🇺🇸 , but there is no reason my server needs to be - in fact, it might be preferable not to have it here, given the current attacks on encryption in this country.

Does anyone have a recommendation for hosting which will be out of the reach of American authorities?

"You need to provide an RSA key." Okay, no problem, I have something here that generates those...yep. Okay, algorithm, size required, generate...and here ya go.

"THIS IS NOT AN RSA KEY." Uh, yes, it is.

"THIS IS NOT AN RSA KEY." Sigh. Alright, strip the headers off. Here.

"THIS IS NOT AN RSA KEY." It is literally nothing but, you Philistine.

Look up their FAQ. They recommend something else to generate keys. "...then copy the output..." Wait.

*copy their header onto key*


Another reminder that Atomic Trivia is happening on Zoom this Wednesday, 7pm Eastern/2300 UTC! Check out for details!

Yeah, nope. But it did increment both of the stuck subjects, since I put them in the last toot.

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It looks like the "Trending Now" category on is "stuck" again; and have been up there for quite a while now. This will be my second toot in a row with in it, so that should show up - but I doubt it will.

"From context collapse to content collapse" by Nicholas Carr

Good summary of how social media has homogenized the media landscape, and how people are trying to escape context collapse by seeking more private online spaces.

If you are reading this and have a Protonmail account, and are concerned about recent anti-encryption developments in the US, please email me on that platform. Address in profile.

Btw, here's an example of some of my questions...this is from last week's quiz! (And they're in the medium-hard round)

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Just a reminder that I (try to) do this every Wednesday...including this one!

Note that the link refers to our earlier show in April...but all of the links to play the game on that page are still valid. And if you email [email protected], you'll get the instructions and links in a return email.

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