I just had an idea for a game - you're a farm animal that's trying to run away from crazy humans trying to give you canned soft drinks

got some basic ADFGX cipher code working. The limitations imposed by the lua subset functionality is really straining my brain

early to sleep tonight


so the thing that throws me off is that when I observe another profile on a different instance, I can only see their followers and followings that are in my instance. presumably they don't know that I'm following them if I'm on another instance, either.

do we need some centralized service for that?

Wow, python, virtualenv and git on windows has come a long long way

OH! So to search through hashtags go


I've been using it to find the and community, like so:


Quick Introduction:

Hello, my name is Sean

I am a developer at a startup, working remotely from Los Angeles.

I mostly work in Python with Django to do backend web programming stuff and do devops now and then. I'm trying to get a hold of new JS frameworks.

In my free time I like to play video games, learn how to develop video games (right now with ), hike and explore.

On this account you will mostly see stuff relating to programming, and

Have a nice day

How do I find gamedev/indie dev folks here :rocket:


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