Long time no news here.. But we did spend some time in the studio this summer and the new songs are shaping up nicely! :)

Merry christmas in these crazy times, and all the best in 2022 everybody!

Available now on Jigsaw Records, be sure to check out Hans latest project
Thanks for sharing! :)

Just a quick reminder that both of our records are still available as name-your-price downloads over at :)
Also we'll be playing a show in , Bavaria in early May.. Details soon!
❤️ ⭐

For real like Bandcamp is exactly the kind of service we *hoped* the internet would give us: “hey, people make things, they set their own price inc. free, we provide the storefront, you buy it and the money goes to the creator, you get it in a DRM-free format and can play it however you want, we just make money to keep going & improving and aren’t a VC-funded nightmare company of rampant reckless growth that will do something nightmarish and implode.”

We need more media platforms like that.

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Merry christmas and happy holidays dear Mastodon friends! 🎄⭐

If you're in the mood for some 90's -talgia: Our first band has a re-release on . Check it out here: welookedlikeposies.bandcamp.co

Cheers & all the best! ❤️ ⭐

in Berlin around 2009. Photo by @greggy.
We should really get some new band pics, aand finish that record some time :)

My wish is to be able to physically hug the music

Free download on , a sampler we made for Hans 50th birthday last winter.
Over 50 musicians were involved in this, including of doing one of our songs.. A huge honour for us! Check it out it's a wonderful thing.


Ok done. Quite a lot of work to get off , actually :)

OK! first actual new music find on #Mastodon for me - @seasidestars are a post-Beach Boys jangly pop band in that Big Star/Replacements/Teenage Fanclub direction - good noises: seasidestars.bandcamp.com/ #music #bandcamp #pop #guitar

Just a quick note.. From next weekend on we'll officially be facebook-less, as from today both Seaside Stars albums + bonus material are available as name-your-price downloads over at
seasidestars.bandcamp.com 👈

Feel free to share, come follow us on & in the fediverse, and we'll keep you updated on new stuff & projects.
❤️ ⭐

I just discovered this really nice band : seasidestars.bandcamp.com/trac and they just arrived on Mastodon so please welcome them warmly ^^ @seasidestars

Hey. We're a pop band from germany, setting out on an open source adventure here :) Come check us out on seasidestars.bandcamp.com/


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