We have sent our representation to the state as well as the concerned department to fix the issue and use strict measures to ensure that the Personal data of citizens remains safe. You can find our analysis of Indian State COVID-19 apps here sflc.in/our-analysis-indian-co

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All apps/services related to COVID-19 promoted by the Government should be secure and their data collection should be in tune with principle of data privacy enshrined in the Puttaswamy case.

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Security protections for data processing during the Covid-19 pandemic should not be compromised and the data must be maintained securely and must be exchanged only through secure platforms and hardware.

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But we strongly urge that any steps taken by the Central or State Governments must include privacy and data protection for data that is being collected now or screened from already existing data bases and being used in novel ways and strictly adhere to strict data principles.

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We at SFLC.in understand and see the uses of data as a means of prediction, analysis,and strategic planning for government and health authorities.

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By just entering a few random digits, one could obtain information such as Name, Gender, Age, Mobile Phone No., Address, Passport details, Travel details as well as the pass issued on the individual's name.

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We received information from @notnullorempty regarding @AndhraPradeshCM's initiative "Spandan"
(spandana.ap.gov.in/) which was leaking out the personal details of individuals who have registered for a movement pass during the [email protected]

Catch @MishiChoudhary and @PrasanthTweets live in a webinar on ‘Contact Tracing Apps- Designing, Implementation & Effectiveness’ by On June 03, facilitated by Prof. Rahul De, @iimb_official. Register now on: bit.ly/3ej21Sy

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On June 03, [email protected] presents a webinar on ‘Contact Tracing Apps- Designing, Implementation & Effectiveness’ by @MishiChoudhary and @…

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Today, we revisit our interview with @AnuradhaBhasin_ Executive Editor of about the Kashmir Communication blockade judgment.


391 Shutdowns and counting ...

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391 Shutdowns and counting...
We have made an informative brochure highlighting the menace of Internet Shutdowns in India. The brochure will be soon available on our website internetshutdowns.in


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@NetShutdowns and @sflcin project has been leading this work since 2012. All of this work takes a dedicated team of young people @sflcin

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@sflcin and I had started asking for to be as soon as it was released in April. Several others followed but attention was really paid when @fs0c131y did his magic. Today it's available under ASL V 2.0. majority of Android platform is licensed u/ASL 2.0

We are excited to announce that our Founder @MishiChoudhary has been appointed as
as a member of @NAAISORG board of advisors!
We’re excited to have @MishiChoudhary as a member of NAAIS’s board of advisors! Mishi is the founder of @sflcin and graduated with a LLM from @ColumbiaLaw.

We hope her expertise and skillsets will help create a thriving Indian student community in North America.

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It is definitely a positive that the Android version of the is being open sourced. Thanks to the Govt. for listening to the feedback from @sflcin and others. But what about the server side code?

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LIVE Shortly: Release of @SetuAarogya Android version source code

📍: National Media Centre
⏰: 7:00 PM

Watch on PIB's

YouTube: youtu.be/i38h4HV8n_o

Digital Defender Fellowship 2020.
Joint the best and brightest minds in Public Policy and Technology to solve challenges at the forefront of national and global conversations.

Twitter joins the fight to
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joins the fight to .
The fight to that started in 2012 has only gotten stronger. Thank you for your support @twitter @TwitterIndia @HashflagArchive. We will continue with our fight against with these super cool emojis. twitter.com/HashflagArchive/st

We found that Excessive permissions are required by applications that undertake tracing and surveillance through capturing information from different internal broadcasts from components of the device.

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