Orcas are frightening sailors and wreaking havoc off the coast of Spain. The killer whales are attacking boats with increasing frequency. Authorities have recorded hundreds of such attacks over the last two years.

Now, more than ever, health is on the forefront of public consciousness but, we must understand that our health, human health, is dependent on the health of our oceans and the health of our planet.

Less than twenty per cent of the world’s ocean has been explored so far. That is not a lot. But it is enough for us to know that the ocean is threatened by global warming, acidification, and pollution. Coral bleaching is just one illustration of the decline of marine ecosystems.

Los Muellecitos, Isla Espiritu Santo, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico 7th. September 2021
Thanks to @lordoftheroach for the company. Good dive! @SharkSociety @HaiSociety

Hahahaha, no friends....!
King Shark is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.

Wobbegong. oh well, so be it...... at least a shark I have never seen in live/real. Just pics.
No matter, I continue to feel like Mako :ablobcool:

Dear Humans,
The ocean is not
"shark infested"!
It's our home.
We live here.

Heed the advise of the shark, he has fins and knows better, you got shoes to sprinkle on.... hahahahahaha

The lost shark (Carcharhinus obsoletus), which was only formally described last year, enters the Red List as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct). The species was last recorded in 1934.
At risk are four hammerhead shark species, four species of angel shark and the giant manta ray. In the update, a total of 316 species of sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras are now classified as “threatened,” or at risk of extinction in the wild.

Anyone know what type of bird this is and is it holding a shark?

survival kit, a different way to repel sharks? Or just seasoning for sharks :)


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