Good morning... Check in with someone today. You never know how much you or they need it.

Send me songs to add to my playlist.

I find music to be my main go to for learning languages instead of movies or tv shows. Next is to find games that support the languages I'm learning and play them that way.

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This is my digital painting "Galaxy a bit irregular", showing a galaxy that's but a puff but with a hint of a spiral, perhaps forming into one in the fullness of time.

#art #MastoArt #digitalart #painting #digitalpainting #krita #spaceart #galaxy #spiralgalaxy #irregulargalaxy #stars

Hi, I'm Shay. I am totally blind. Pronouns are she/her. Hobbies include singing, gaming, language learning to name a few. Thanks for reading my short and I look forward to tooting with you.


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