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**Researchers end decade-long search for mechanical pain sensor**

"Researchers have discovered that a protein found in the membrane of our sensory neurons are involved in our capacity to feel mechanical pain, laying the foundation for the development of powerful new analgesic drugs."

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An Open Source Ebike

In the ebike world, there are two paths. The first is a homemade kit bike with motors and controllers from China. The second is a prebuilt bike from a manufacturer like Giant, with motors and controllers from China, which will be ha…

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Graphene Batteries FINALLY Hit the Market - They will charge much faster and will be safer than existing Li-Ion batteries

**Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic**

"Using a machine-learning algorithm, researchers have identified a powerful new antibiotic compound. In laboratory tests, the drug killed many of the world's most problematic disease-causing bacteria, including some strains that are resistant to all known antibiotics. It also cleared infections in two differen…"

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Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet

It's the only not-for-profit site in the top 10. It does not plaster itself with advertising, intrude on privacy, or provide a breeding ground for neo-Nazi trolling.

Hey #Trisquel users!

We now have a group here on Fediverse!

Just follow @trisquel and tag that "account" every toot you make about trisquel and it will appear in everyones timeline that follow that group.

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I'm really excited about the IKEA hydroponics stuff. I've been kicking around doing it on my own for a while and haven't put in the time to actually make it happen. Trying to source everything here is daunting. IKEA could kickstart this for me and make it simple. YAY!

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In 2011, the City of Vienna made the annual ticket for public transport cheaper. Since then, it is €365 per year for all subway/train/tram/bus lines.

And since then, the number of annual ticket holders has increased from 363k to 852k (of 1.9m). I guess, this is a success story.


Here it is! The grand finale of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Should Python really be able to defend its title? Is C still the lingua franca of programming in 2020?

You decide!

How often are you driven by shame or pressure?
"I should do more" / "I ought to do that"


How often are you driven by desire?
"I want to do that" / "I'm excited to start"

I think I liked Mastodon's profile directory (/explore) a lot better when you could actually browse it by interest / hash-tag.

Now it just feels like a random list of users?

You can still browse it by hash-tag if you manually edit the URL though:

Quarterfinals, Match 4 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Switching to Linux can be tough. Not because it's difficult to use, but because of all the distro choices! If you're thinking about switching from Windows or macOS to Linux, here is a great tool to help you find the Linux OS that's right for YOU! And Linux family? Here's one thing we need to STOP recommending.

The New Hampshire Democratic debate, in less than 4 minutes

Seven Democrats met in New Hampshire for a debate on Feb. 7 ahead of the Feb. 11 New Hampshire primary. Read more: Subscribe to The ...

The New Hampshire Democratic debate, in less than 4 minutes - YouTube

USB Password Keeper Runs on Tiny Chip

The most important rule of password use, especially when used for online logins, is to avoid reusing passwords. From there, one’s method of keeping track of multiple passwords can vary considerably. While memorizati…

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Beautiful video of a civilian fucking with a cop in his native language:

Reform 2.0D-3 pretty much done. double check everything tomorrow. put a last minute real time clock in there, too. new audio chip, new charger, new switching buck converters. new power routing.

The new #Jolla guidelines for adding #SailfishOS APIs for use in are now available:

So, if you have an API you want included, it's worth going through the checklist and filling in the blanks where you can.

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