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If you are new and follow me. Make sure to have added a profile or made some toots. It is hard for me to know otherwise if I want to follow you back. Perfect if you have made an . That way I know.

I just saw a news report about how conservatives in US seems to think the inflation over there is because of unemployment payouts...

It talked about chicken prices and that it has become more expensive...

it is like they have missed that there is a war going on and that prices for chicken food is rising because Ru/Ukr is one of the leading chicken food producers in the world.

I'm continuing my @Tusky translation to pt-PT. If anyone wants to help, please register an account at and insert your suggestions there #xp #fediverse

Morning thoughts, unicorns, startup culture 

I think there's a huge desire to find the next unicorn within the UK and Europe and that is to the detriment of our entire tech ecosystem.

We should not be trying to emulate companies that make money out of the capture of millions of accounts and their data.

We should be trying to build an ecosystem of lots of smaller companies and encouraging them to partner together. Creating a culture of cooperation rather than competition.

#tooters living with fibromyalgia, how constant is your pain? I want to learn more about how long it manifests in other people. With me, it never stopped since it began - it will be 2 years in July

#boosts are really appreciated

Hi. This is an #introduction. I'm Jack. I'm the science editor at, a good website on the internet. I write science stories for a living. I like to call out bullshit science and science reporting.

I'm ready to jump ship from The Bad Bird Site.

You can find all my stuff here:

Favorite #Android #Mastodon client?

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Stories written by life โ€“ or in this case by Licaon_Kter, one of F-Droidโ€™s contributors: โ€žFrom user to contributor and beyondโ€œ. To help support the work of Licaon_Kter and other contributors, please consider donating to F-Droid. Weโ€™re looking to raise โ‚ฌ1,200 per week so Licaon_Kter can keep contributing full-time.

Att upptรคcka #Fediverse รคr som att borra sig ner genom den stelnade jordskorpan (aka centraliserade รถvervakningskapitalistiska webben) till lavanivรฅ (aka decentraliserade webben) Dรคr รคr det varmare, mer solidariskt, bubblar av kreativitet. Som det blir nรคr inte pengar och fame styr.

NGI is a proud funder of both mastodon and peertube technologies underlying #EUVoice and #EUVideo. @humanetech

@jonas Se till att skriva en post och uppdatera profilen sรฅ blir det lรคttare fรถr folk att fรถlja dig.

Nice day today... Sweden wins the world cup in icehockey for 18 year olds and the nazi Paludan gets chased of from Uppsala with his tail behind his legs.

We just reached 1k followers! Thank you so much for your support!

Okay, it's time to tell new users a secret about Mastodon.

Mastodon is (whispers) part of a much bigger network ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Mastodon servers use an open standard called ActivityPub to talk to each other. That's how you interact with people on other Mastodon servers.

But, dozens of other federated networks also use ActivityPub, so (this is the good bit!) you can follow people on these other networks from your Mastodon account!

For example:

PixelFed ( is a photo sharing network, here's a random example account @Iancylkowski

PeerTube ( is a video sharing network, with a p2p system that allows videos to go viral even on small servers, here's a random account @craftykat

BookWyrm ( is a social reading site, an open alternative to Amazon's Goodreads, here's a random account @mouse

Together, Mastodon and these other services form... The Fediverse :fediverse:

(whispers) Click on the link...

WOW. Yeah I've been on mastadon for like only five days now but I'm already flabbergasted at the world that should have been...

Like literally how did we all agree to just NOT have interoperable social networks??? Looking at the activity pub docs makes it clear how ridiculously easy that would have been. You want my content? Just GET my outbox. Want to send me something? Just POST to my inbox. The server can be anything you want, just format your messages in this (VERY INTUITIVE!) way. It's so simple it's STUPID.

I'm very new to all of this, so I'll admit that there's a lot I don't know, but what is painfully obvious right now is how, yet again, the tendrils of Capitalism have fundamentally altered the STRUCTURE of the Internet to make it less open, less empowering and generally WORSE for most users. However, what's also becoming clear is that it does not have to be that way, and being here is in some small way, bringing about that better possible future.

For the translation of the #NewFedilab what do you prefer?

Much of the independent web relies on Patreon to organize financial support.

The good folks at @comradery are building an ethical alternative as a co-op.

One of their rules is "no bosses, no cops". It's not meant for businesses (even nonprofits like the one I work for) but for independent creators, workers, activists, and co-ops.

If that could be a good fit for anything you our your friends are doing, maybe give them a follow here to stay updated as they're building the platform!

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