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"Anybody who thinks iOS or Android is a superior operation system, has to try #SailfishOS. You will admit, this is 100% a better way to use a mobile device." Noah, Destination #Linux, Episode 137.

Aral Balkan, One of us 

It's taken me a very long time to unlearn a lot of the toxic ideas I gained over years of being in the illustration/art world.

We need to celebrate being "bad" at something, but doing it anyway, for the joy of it.

We need to celebrate singing at the top of your voice without caring what other people think.

There's nothing wrong with striving to be the best at something! But it's okay to just *do* things without measuring up. Enjoy what you do! Whether you do it for 40 hours a week or 10 mins

If You Can’t Buy The Keyboard You Want, Build It Instead

The great thing about being a maker is that when the market fails to meet your needs, you can strike out on your own. [GuzziGuy] did just that, building a bespoke mechanical keyboard that’s stylis…

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@Gargron Hey Eugen, thanks, man. I’m going to go in there and give the talk I’m going to give tomorrow. I hope I will do Mastodon proud and I hope that I will show them how centralised differs from federated differs from peer-to-peer and how Facebook, etc., are scum of the earth and do not deserve a place at the table (they have one tomorrow, of course).

Another fundamental problem with the #fediverse: updates. Will the owner/admin of your #mastodon/#friendica/#pixelfed/#nextcloud server update frequently? How do you know? β€žRun your own server!β€œ, I hear you say. Well, 99.5% of the target audience just cannot. And those that can have to decide where to put their time and effort. Quite the dilemma. /1

If you were to ask me what I wanted to become 3 years ago, I'd have said "a software engineer at a big company, like Google, Microsoft or Facebook", because that's "where all the smart people go".

Now, my dream "job" is to work full time on free software. Programmers that don't contribute to free software are doing something wrong. It's not all their fault - the education system prepares us to work in corporations - but it's still a bad thing that we should do something about.

I wonder if the people joining Mastodon from India also have an appetite for ditching more of the capitalist internet, because there are replacements for many more things than just twitter.

For example, no need to use google maps when you can add detail of even things like footpaths in your town to OpenStreetMap :

The Switching Software website contains an ever-growing list of ethical alternatives for many things:

A big welcome to all of the new folk opting to join #mastodon.. please be aware though that mastodon is just one (albeit a very large) part of the wider #fediverse which is a network of interoperable services/platforms.

I don't have a mastodon account but am able to communicate with you from this #pleroma instance, from a #pixelfed (instagram-a-like) account and a #plume blogging platform.. amongst an increasing number of other services.

This isn't twitter, it's far more diverse and distributed than that.

I know companies aren't people and aren't friends, but I'll be damned if @PINE64 doesn't make that distinction kind of hard sometimes.

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Allow F-Droid to update repositories. After that you should see following screens. Install #Fedilab.

And don't forget to check apps in F-Droid. They are all FOSS apps. Mostly useful and fun. Just not very glossy. But no ads. 😎

@sanjayuvacha can return to Twitter if he deletes 'objectionable' post, but he won't

Hegde’s Twitter account has been blocked twice since Saturday over an iconic 1936 photo of Nazi Germany and for sharing a poem titled β€˜Hang Him’.

Good coverage about #boycotttwitter #twitter

Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

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