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If you are new and follow me. Make sure to have added a profile or made some toots. It is hard for me to know otherwise if I want to follow you back. Perfect if you have made an . That way I know.

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Those of you on (57+) and uses dark themes... there is a hack that can solve the "white scroll bars" now that works..

---[ on Linux ] ---
Make a ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/chrome folder and put the files from the github (reddit) link in it. Then rename the second link to userChrome.js.

Mycroft releasing more details about their upcoming personal server, which will allow all text and speech processing to be done locally rather than on a remote system.

"The Mycroft Personal Server - Starting the Conversation"

This damn thing is brilliant!
Basically mental health pointers to think through and suggestions to deal with it if you feel like crap

Screenshot and the link is to the original tumblr post and a downloadable PDF

The Linux Journal posted an interesting article about our recent @fdroidorg release and the challenges we had to overcome to make this happen. #FOSS #opensource #FDroid #Tutanota Read it here:

Arch Linux tool: Show more

When you keep running your tests without having saved your changes

DuckDuckGo Traffic Exploding
(Found on Reddit)

Daily DuckDuckGo search traffic from 2010.

Just posted that Stanislav Petrov day was yesterday.
September 26th in 1983 he stopped the world from going into nuclear war.
Then I just saw that the day AFTER 27th September 1983 was the first initial announcement of the GNU project by RMS.

... coincidence? ;)

The latest version of #Chrome doesn't delete Google cookies even when you ask it to delete all cookies:

It also does some dodgy stuff with logging people into Google:

Chrome is made by Google, who make vast amounts of money from invading people's privacy.

The best easy-to-use alternative right now is probably Firefox:

#DeleteChrome #DeleteGoogle

This is pretty nice... have been wanting it for a couple of years now. So nice that OC finally did it.

Now it is possible to do Arch Linux on a OC-droplet again.

And this is why it's important to use #firefox . It's not just faster, safer, and open source. It is also immune to this kind of embrace, extend, extinguish bullshit.

Hey #google, #microsoft from the 90's is calling. They want their playbook back.

Small discovery: I use #pass a lot, but only today I found about #passmenu, that loads up in dmenu. After a convenient keybind, now my workflow is a little faster. That's the great #freesoftware life!

Hmm... Maybe I have to create a Twitter account again. As we know who voted for article 11 and 14. Perhaps we could "report" every time they use copyrighted material or news links.

The other day, I started wondering whose toots I've favorited most oftenβ€”mostly as a "scientific" way to figure out who to feature on my profile.

One weekend-coding project later, and I can now share an app with all of you: the Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters (#t5, for short).

It scans all the toots you've every favorited and ranks the top thrifty people who you've favorited most often. It's #freeSoftware and I hope you all enjoy!


Peertube has never looked better!

Now you can follow people and have them in your subscriptions feed on PeerTube! Don't matter much to me as I just use the RSS feeds anyway, but really awesome all the same. :star_eyes: πŸ™Œ

Loads of other features too, so now is the time to come and explore PeerTube!

#PeerTube #OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS #YouTube #linux #video #videos

Citizens of the EU! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

The second vote on #Article13 is tomorrow!

Please call/mail your MEPs *now* and tell them to reject Article 13, as it would mean content filters on the whole internet.

MEP contact details:

Phone calls work best. If you can't phone, write an email *in your own words*. (Using your own words is really important!)

Your region may have more than one MEP, contact several if appropriate.

Good luck! πŸ‘


My thing about #Fosstodon is that we have an awesome community of #FOSS lovers. The next coolest thing about #Fosstodon is that everyone who donates to the the Patreon is contributing to #FOSS projects!

If you haven't considered contributing, think about it. This community could be major contributors to FOSS projects and continue the advancement of Freedom in Software around the world.

Right now 17 out of 1,212 members are contributing. Could we make that number 50?

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