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If you are new and follow me. Make sure to have added a profile or made some toots. It is hard for me to know otherwise if I want to follow you back. Perfect if you have made an . That way I know.

Apple is featuring, Mastonaut, the first native Mac app for #Mastodon, in the Mac App Store. Pretty cool.

"Why facts don't change minds" By James Clear

Very helpful and intuitive essay on why facts are not enough many times. Gave me a fresh insight into why others don't easily accept my arguments in favour of choosing #softwarefreedom or privacy and so on.

I think we, in the #freesoftware community, can borrow many ideas from this.

Hi everyone! My name is Chris. I develop apps for the GNOME desktop, and host I鈥檓 currently looking for full-time work so that I can pay essential things like food and rent. I would really appreciate any financial help you can spare.

One-time donations are at

My Patreon is at

I published 2.10.1 for all. It contains fixes for Pleroma or for followed pixelfed instances.


For Google users it includes 2.10.0:

It also fixes the bug when Google Play can't install the application (due to the previous version). has been removed and now the peertube timeline is linked to
Don't hesitate to have a look to the "how to" videos ;)


google employee exodus 

Adobe Creative Cloud holds creative works hostage: if you stop paying the monthly fee or if Adobe's servers go down, you can't edit your work. Once you buy into the Adobe ecosystem, you're stuck there and forced to pay rent.

There are many free open alternatives which give you full control over your work without locking you down:

#Adobe #CreativeCloud #Alternatives

#Youtube is deleting Cyber #security videos because they changed TOS, and now everything about how to perform #pentest break TOS.

People at r/datahoarders are backuping ALL #security videos including #lockpicking and are sharing it through #bittorrent

Please, if you can afford it (size wise), share. #fuckYouTube and fuck #censorship

#hacking #pentest #datahoarders #tutorials #knowledge

If you use and 'pacaur' this might be helpful... The full command of my update alias. It will update everything and then provide a nice list of upgraded and vulnerable packages at the end.

pacaur -Syu --devel --needed --noconfirm --noedit --ignore libtorrent,xmlrpc-c && pachist 60 && arch-audit | colout '(Package) (.*) (is.*) (Medium|Low) (.*)|(Package) (.*) (is.*) (High|Critical) (.*)' black,yellow,black,yellow,black,black,yellow,black,red,black

OK, now it's time to have a break. If I don't get important issues with the current release, I will publish it on Google. I will take a break for having a higher vision of tools that the app needs to offer. I will take a look to every api (Pleroma, Peertube GNU/Friendica) . I currently run my own instances for Pleroma, Peertube and Pixelfed. This allows me to run the dev branch and brings features before their official releases . This is possible thanks to your donations for paying - 1/2

Hi friends! I'm matching donations to RAICES this month up to $32,000.

That's an ambitious limit and I could use your help reaching it -- whether or not you can donate, I would really appreciate your boosts!

To have me match your donation:

1. Donate any amount at
2. FORWARD your email receipt to [email protected]

Posting a screenshot is also encouraged, but forwarding receipts will help me track what I hope will be a lot of email!

Thank you!

These are script kiddies. This is not your website. Please show some respect.

Thoughts on the Vice article 

If you want to fund #Fedilab you can contribute via :

Or by using links listed here :

Please, if you are using PayPal just mention me in private. I received so many kind messages where I can't reply.

Hey Fedi it's time for another #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2 announcement!
If you're a #writer or #artist and want to contribute, DM me your ideas and I'll most likely accept them!
Don't have the time to do a full story but still want to contribute? Submit a cover! DM me your cover ideas!
As always, boosts are appreciated!

Funkwhale, security, review wanted 

Potential bug... 

Funkwhale CLI 

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