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So one of the traditions I enjoyed in Sweden was after work drinks. So grab something, turn on your camera and microphone, and join me at (and help me test out our Jitsi instance.)

PS. It might go up in flames :)

If you wish to control your online identity and consider #keybase, please have a look at instead :)

- fully #opensource
- #decentralized and #privacy focuse
- no vendor lock-in
- no #zoom takeover \o/

#pgp #gpg #encryption

thoughts on mental health crises / suicide (I'm fine) and a hotline is provided 

Sometimes when I hear the number for the suicide prevention hotline given, I feel a bit skeptical about the delivery.

Because I imagine myself in their place.

It's one thing to go "yes I want to kill myself I should talk to someone about it"

and another to not realize "I want to die" is not a normal feeling to have in most cases. But you're not suicidal, right?

I've used these hotlines before (I'm not one for talking, so I usually use the chat lines. If you feel you are in crisis, go to this site, and it will direct you to which number to text and what to say )

but only ONE time did I recognize I felt suicidal. Most of the time I felt like dying, and that my problems didn't matter.

That's why I personally feel maybe while you should mention suicidal ideation when giving out these hotlines, you should also mention being "in crisis" or "having a crisis"

Now, I know they're trained not to hang up, but never once after using one of these did I feel like I wasted their time after I calmed down.

How do you define crisis? For some it might be that their world is ending. That they see no hope. and yes, "Covid has ruined my life and I can't cope" IS a crisis.

In which case I hope you use the hotline, as above.

This is not meant to be a subtoot of anything. I just feel we need to change the dialogue around suicide. Around mental health. Talk about what is and isn't an acceptable thought to have.

PSA: if you are thinking of hurting yourself violently, or going to sleep and not waking up, that's a bad sign, get some help!

Soo... Microsoft wanted to buy TikTok for cheaps... so they ordered Trump to put pressure on them.

#Protip: "Drafts" on Mastodon

Mastodon doesn't natively support a "draft mode", where in-process toots can be saved and re-edited.

... but ... you can emulate this by setting default posting to "DM", and not filling in any recipients. A DM toot not shared with any third parties is visible only to yourself. You can then post, and delete/redraft this toot until it's complete to your satisfaction.

On devices/platforms where Web content is prone to disappear without notice (o hai Chrome Android mufferphuckerz) this may prove useful, especially where researching links / content for a substantial toot.

#MastoTips #ProTips #DraftMode

In the next version, map makers will be able to recenter their map when resizing them. #indiegamedev #opensource #mapeditor

I wonder what Kim Jon-un discussed when Trump was there visiting... The latest happenings in US seems to inch closer and closer to how things are in North Korea...

Episode 184 of #DestinationLinux has dropped!

DL184: We talk about Bug Reporting: let's face it, bug reporting needs to squash its own bugs. We also talk @[email protected] #Linux Laptops, @[email protected], @[email protected] & Much More!

#opensource #podcast

Omar Roth is stepping down as maintainer of the Invidious project and the instance will be shutting down September 1st, 2020.

It seems to need programming contributors.

More here:

Part 6 of the article, Electronics & Microcontrollers for Absolute Beginners is now LIVE!

Clive "Max" Maxfield @MaxMaxfield discusses β†’

Original tweet :

From historical context to technical analysis to a clause-by-clause breakdown, EFF's new white-paper, "Mexico’s New Copyright Law," explains how Trump's #USMCA has compromised a nation's sovereignty and human rights.

**Noam Chomsky: Decades of β€˜the Neoliberal plague’ left US unprepared for COVID-19**

"As the U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 150,000, we spend the hour with world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky, who says decades of neoliberal policies that shredded the…"

#news #bot

Snap dragons are very pretty, but when the flowers die, their seed pods turn into creepy little skulls! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Do we have a directory of Fediverse podcasters? Maybe we should start one? If there is not, add yourself here:

What a complete mess Microsoft have made Minecraft. My son wanted to play with friends. He uses his phone to play but don't want to sign up for a subscription. So I thought I just spin up a server... Well, as it happens... there nowadays are multiple different kinds of Minecraft. Not a lot of info on this from Minecraft and no pointers if you accidentally spun a Java version and are unable to connect... In his case he had to use the Bedrock version. Not the Java one.


it's my birthday today; as a treat here's what we're gonna do

I'll send the first five people who show receipts for at least $200 donated to Rosehip Medic Collective in PDX or Don't Shoot PDX one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build.

I love how many of my dear friends here are sharing why the fedi is such a special place to them.

I joined up about a year ago, hearing Mastodon was a cool place, and I was intrigued. It took me a little while to find friends, but patience was worth it, and I am really very happy here. There are amazing people on here, and it really does feel like a second home on the Internet. I am grateful for my friends here, and happy to make more. Thank you for allowing me a place in your lives.

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