Brands, businesses, influencers and power users will eventually join the fediverse. Why not embrace them? Its in our best interest to grow the fediverse.

I started a new suite of tools in June to support them. It was created with privacy in mind, you will only see public data insights and stats. Any user will be able to use this feature. After federation support is finished I will focus on this again! #pixelfed

Why would anyone want brands, companies and other crap in their _social_ feeds? Isn't the whole point of why people enjoy the !fediverse that it's _not_ like the asocial advertisement platforms?

Let's not explicitly invite capitalism. Let them build their own damn tools.

@mmn @dansup Neither brands nor advertisement is necessarily capitalism. It could just as well be about orgs. Social orgs use fliers to advertise about their cause.

I think this feature could be useful. MMN-o lifts a good critical point that needs to be considered though.

@shellkr @mmn @dansup Plus other forms of self-promotion and payment besides. I've been reading this thread and thinking, mightn't the Fediverse's most widely advertised brand be Patreon?


@GardenOfForkingPaths @mmn @dansup No, wouldn't think so... FB, Google, Github e.t.c.. probably scores a lot higher. Also Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With a bit more resources invested one would be able to find that out though. Right now I only know of which could hint on that kind of questions.

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