@sydneyfalk The fediverse was created for everyone, that being said I believe you can strike a balance by offering tools to give users more power over what content they see, privacy and reporting tools.

The public data insights is stuff like graphs of new followers over a period of time, most recent mentions and other features that are already present. Its meant to make it easy to organize interactions compared to a single notification feed.

@dansup @sydneyfalk I'd also want to not be included in any follower statistics. This type of gamification which helps celebs or SEO type people maximize their engagement is a bad idea, since it encourages people to chase numbers instead of cultivating real relationships. We can see the bad effects of this on Twitter, and in my opinion the fediverse should not be trying to reproduce Twitter-like habits and practices.

@bob @dansup @sydneyfalk Gamification is not an automatic bad. It is a great motivator and can be used to motivate good behavior. Maybe there is a way to use it for motivating cultivation of real relationships?

One thing would perhaps be motivating higher activity. Participation leads to more relationships being made. Which is also something social org's which from their members. A common trick is to offer free coffee for instance.

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