@[email protected] @LydiaConwell @anomaly In Sweden most politicians have regular jobs. Only the top politicians have it full time. You both get paid and have a right to take leave from work to do political or union work. Like tending a meeting. It's kinda like a hobby and many don't really have time for it. They chose to do other things instead.

On G+ you could have co-creators.

A problem on internet is trust. It takes time build. So you need at least a body that takes care of spam.

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@shellkr @KitsuneAlicia @LydiaConwell @anomaly

Yes, we need a group which decides what information is high enough quality for everyone to see, in order to have the baseline common knowledge needed for any kind of democracy.

And like people still having regular jobs but given time and money to engage in politics, this group shouldn't be a separate, specialized class.

On how:

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