@martijnbraam I wish my was still alive :/

It was a marvelous device! The best I ever owned.

This is perhaps its successor today. fxtec.com/

@shellkr there are a bunch of possible successor but most aren't available yet or don't have mainline linux support.

maemo leste for example also supports the motorola droid 4, which is also pretty old, but a serious hardware upgrade compared to the n900


@martijnbraam Yeah, the PinePhone, Librem5 and Sony Xperia XA2 could also aspire for that crown I guess... None has a straight linage though.. they don't have the keyboard which in my mind is the major thing.

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@shellkr and the planet devices do have keyboards but suffer from poor linux support.

@martijnbraam Yeah, but sadly no one have the perfect package of device + community the same way the N900 had. :/

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